Sunday, August 2, 2009


I have start-itis. I have start-itis. I have start-itis.

I have 3 things on the go currently. 1. Dragonfly socks 2. A cape somewhat modeled after a pattern in this book 3. Yet another pillowcase which will someday end up in my (very neglected) shop.

I am a bit of a mess with it all, I can't stand to have to wind my sock yarn myself (again) so I'm thinking I may take it to a yarn store and ask to PAY to use the swift. I am also scared I won't have enough yarn to finish my cape and the pillowcase, is getting public knitting time. I'm all over the place... I need to get focused ...and not start anything new until at least one of these things is finished.

Now, in photo form... this is what I've been doing lately.

From SunBuns:

From miss iO (rather, her camera stollen by kate) :

Summer 2009 is pretty damn good so far, despite the rain.



andrea said...

Did you go camping in that trailer? It looks so funnnn.

Anonymous said...

I have a ball-winder and a swift that you're welcome to use anytime free of charge. Looks like you're having a great summer!

weaverknits said...

Summer 2009 LOOKS fabulous, as does your makeup work lately!

Relax with your projects. I always have piles of them!