Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So recently I've had a hankering to sew. I don't really know how to sew but, I figured, if I can knit clothes - I can probably sew them.

A few months back I found this pattern on the Yarnaids blog and kept in the bookmarks section for a rainy day. After months of leaving my sewing machine on the bottom shelf all covered up, I brought it out, dusted it off and made this:

Trying to figure out how to take photos of myself in a dress was kind of tricky but, I managed. The material is some kind of cotton blend that has a little stretch to it. The pleats were the hardest part for me because they kept coming loose after I'd try it on. I went over them a couple times, hopefully they'll stay.

I've worn it out once so far and got a compliment! I'm a little terrified to wash it considering the pleats came loose from me just wearing it, but I think it will hold up ok.

In leui of my success on this top, I decided to try and recreate this shirt from top-shop that they don't carry anymore (sans pocket)

But, with the feel of these tops (and long enough so that I don't neccessarily have to wear real pants under it).

(images from oak nyc)

My boyfriend says I kind of look like an optical illusion and there is a bit more work I need to do to it (seam the collar, seam the bottom/back up an inch or two) but, I am pretty happy with it thus far:

I'm open to suggestion on how to finish this top to perfect it...

Anyway, I have some halloween costume sewing to catch up on.

What is your favorite website to buy yarn from online? Namely chunky yarn? Of good quality?


Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, I got all 4 wisdom teeth out. FINALLY.

The past month has been full of working and house guests and around the end of the last house guest (miss maia) I got a nasty tooth infection. Not the first of its kind but hopefully the last. I've been putting off getting these things pulled out for years and I finally decided that I just needed to get it done. So now, I am a walking pill dispensory and in slight zombie form.

I've also been knitting for a wholesale order for this store which I am SUPER excited about!! So many cute things in this store, I'm excited my things are going to be among them!

Now, I must go back into my den of sleep until tomorrow where I will shoot at Milk & work at Mud!

Hoping for a speedy recovery so I can get back to normal and resume regular life (and hopefully be able to form full sentences again)!


Thursday, October 1, 2009


As promised, a quick update with my finished socks!

Dragonfly socks

Yarn: Koigu KPPPM
Needles: US 2
Notes: LOVE my new socks, I had a problem finishing them because I decided it was ok for me to knit 5 things at the same time and got a little overwhelmed.

Annnnd - I got my hair trimmed, bangs are shorter than usual. Still feeling it out. Today my boss told me I looked 10 years younger. Early teens? I'm alright with that.

And lastly, Frank was curious while I was photographing my socks. I thought he looked cute, but then again - I always think he looks cute.