Monday, April 27, 2009

70. Ryan & Kat - don't look.

I get home from work the other night at about 130am and I look over to my little poop and see a huge booger in his eye so I immediately go to the cupboard for eye wipes and rush over him to get this gnarly thing out of my cute's little eye. He yelp's I wonder why and go for his eye again and realize it is covered in a layer of goopy puss! Quite gross but, considering this is the first dog I've owned in my adult life I was of course, near a mild panic attack. I hot compressed and hoped for the best in the morning. Of course it got worse and come morning, little guy could barely open his eye. So, here I am - supposed to be going to the Chelsea Hotel to work on a photo project with my friend Michael, panicking and calling every vet in NYC. I get an appointment - go to the Chelsea, get started then rush to the vet.

134$ later - I end up buying some drops for his eyes that cost only 10$ of the 134$ and he is cured (or soon to be cured). This is on day 3 of the eye drops.

I think my green thumb is becoming more green. I bought this plant nearly a month ago and it's coming along nicely and growing some new stems. I'm excited about it. It will look nice in my new apartment... (thats all I'm going to say about that for now)

One day last week while wandering around New York incredibly hungover, I sumbled upon my new found Oasis that is called the Point. I ask some questions, I oogle some beautiful yarn, I sit and knit for a couple of hours and make a purchase (that was highly inspired by the beautiful shawl recently knit by the manager Alyssa) which will now be turning into Swallowtail Shawl. I was so sad last night to recieve and email from the Point saying they were closing their doors - I will be visiting in the next 3 days to pick up some new yarns at 30% off and sadly I will most likely sit and knit in a pool of self pity for not taking advantage or finding this place sooner than I did.

I needed to work on something more challenging than what I've been knitting lately. My friends all seem to have been bit my this baby fever so I've been kicking out baby blankets galore. I'm on the 2nd this month, a little more than half way through and I was getting to the point where I could probably knit this blanket in my sleep.

A couple of appointments to check out some apartments today, I found one that I'm in love with but the owner/broker has yet to call me back. In the mean time I will go and look at a few others.

Happy monday.
Its beautiful outside.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Lately I've not been inspired to knit anything other than baby blankets for my friends. I'm on the 2nd one this month - which is the most baby related stuff I've ever knit. While parousing at Downtown Yarns the otherday I came across the Malbrigo brand aqua colored yarn and I fell in love. I decided I needed (another) cape in my life. I've been searching high and low for some patterns to loosely follow but I have yet to find something that I'm really in love with. Everything is either a poncho or a caplet. Help!!

I'm looking for something with arm slots like this :

and something that would work out to be about this length:

this would actually be my ideal pattern:

but knit from the top down. I must figure it out. I must find a way to do this... I might have to improvise. We'll see.

I came across some old pictures I never posted up from my work christmas party so I put em up. A little dated but, whatever!

Thank god its not as cold as it was on this night anymore.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Here's a shot of my Scarfy- Cardi in action at a bbq! MeBySunny

Also, new posting's coming up on my etsy shop like these cold shoes! Yes, gold shoes.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I might print this email out and frame it. I love having friends in high places. Names hidden for confidentiality of my ridiculous friend who sends me emails from the city with under laying tones of partying and debauchery.

Its beautiful outside, dog park day with baby blanket (that is almost finished!!)

Here's a question: To embroider or not to embroider - that is the question. (The blanket...)


Friday, April 3, 2009


I realize lately that my blog has been progresively becoming slightly less knitting related but, knitting related at the same time. So in leiu of keeping my blog along theme - I will post some knit pictures before I go onto what I originally thought of posting about. I finished clutch number 2 and I'm quite excited about this. I think i will make myself a little makeup bag or change purse. Sewing in the liner was much easier the second time around.

I am currently working on my first baby related item, a blanket for my really good friends upcoming baby boy. I kind of don't have any understanding of how small babies actually are so I'm just kind of knitting until I think it will efficiently cover said baby. Dear un-born Oliver - how many pounds will you weigh when you come out? Love, auntie Erin.

Onto other things: I am currently obsessed with Talking Heads:

I have become a subscriber to the Satoralist.

My best friend is beoming progressively more and more talented with her photographs.

I started a twitter
for the shop.

I purchased this adorable mirror from Loruh's vintage :

And that's all for today. Shooting a test tomorrow with a model from Muse, A music video in PA next weekend. Whee!!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

65. FO

Cabled Clutch!

I had an idea- I went with the idea- I am super excited about the finished product.

So, I am trying to use as much of my stash as I possibly can before I go out buying new yarn. In this - I had an idea to make some hand clutches for my shop! I had absolutely no idea what i was doing but, it worked out perfectly!

I sewed in a liner (which was an incredible pain in the ass - sewing knit and fabric together is way harder than I thought) and added 2 snap buttons on either side of the opening flaps!

The yarn, my roomate brought back for me from italy for my birthday and the fabric came from my best friends families textile company. I love it - but i didn't have enough of it to make anything else. So, at least I finally put it to some use.

I'm just about to go and start sewing the liner into the second one I finished yesterday!


p.s - I'm working on my first ever baby related knit. It's weird.