Monday, August 24, 2009


Today I think was maybe my 3rd or 4th day off this month. I slept till 2, I ate as much greasy food as I could fit in my body, I laid in bed for hours on end and I walked my dog around the block. I feel unproductive and its hard for me to be ok with it. I realize I'm supposed to get some R&R every now and then but today, I really went for it. I wrote yelp reviews, I looked up vegas swimsuit models who's husbands killed themselves in Canada, I read blogs and I chatted. No knitting (yet), no working (until tomorrow at 7am -eep)... I didn't even have a shower yet today. This I think, might have been the laziest day in I can't even remember how long.

So, in lieu of being as lazy as possible, I'm just going to stop typing and post some pictures of my recent sock knits WIP's & FO's.


Thursday, August 20, 2009


So, I'm back from upstate - again. Working like mad, no time off but it's all worth it. This week upstate we made this happen:

Photographer: Jimmy Fontaine
Stylist: Julie Williams
Hair: Tommy Lovell
Makeup: me

I am so in love with these shots, I have been melting over them ever since we got back. These are fresh off the camera but I will post more when I get them all laid out.

My friend Maia is doing a giveaway on her blog - you should go check it out here.

Today is the last day of work in a 9 day marathon. Tomorrow is going to be full of sweet, sweet relaxation, parks, bikes & knitting.

Happy thursday.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

88. pillow numbero DEUX FO.

And, pillow number two! I love this little guy. Contemplated keeping it but, I posted it up in my shop for someone else to love.

Knit with all acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyfiber stuffing. Stripey idea stollen from knitting to stay sane's adorable little socks.

Next up for an FO - Dragonfly socks!


Monday, August 10, 2009


Whats this? I actually have some knitting to post?! Oh why yes, FINALLY!

Firstly, a cute little cowl I threw together. I found this yarn in the bottom of my basket and figured I didn't have enough to do anything too big but, it was perfect for this little cowl which I just listed in my shop. Not quite the season (considering its 95 today) but, soon enough we will have fall.

Next up, something I've been working on for a while - little throw pillows! This is the second one I've made. I have a third that I need to get sewn up and posted but that will happen sometime in the next couple of days when I finally have some time off.

I've been working so much lately I've barely had time to think and on top of that trying to keep some sort of social life has just been killing me. I am going upstate though for work/pleasure for a couple of days next week to shoot with Jimmy Fontaine again and my darling Julie which should be nothing short of amazing.

Off to the post office now before work!!


Sunday, August 2, 2009


I have start-itis. I have start-itis. I have start-itis.

I have 3 things on the go currently. 1. Dragonfly socks 2. A cape somewhat modeled after a pattern in this book 3. Yet another pillowcase which will someday end up in my (very neglected) shop.

I am a bit of a mess with it all, I can't stand to have to wind my sock yarn myself (again) so I'm thinking I may take it to a yarn store and ask to PAY to use the swift. I am also scared I won't have enough yarn to finish my cape and the pillowcase, is getting public knitting time. I'm all over the place... I need to get focused ...and not start anything new until at least one of these things is finished.

Now, in photo form... this is what I've been doing lately.

From SunBuns:

From miss iO (rather, her camera stollen by kate) :

Summer 2009 is pretty damn good so far, despite the rain.