Wednesday, August 12, 2009

88. pillow numbero DEUX FO.

And, pillow number two! I love this little guy. Contemplated keeping it but, I posted it up in my shop for someone else to love.

Knit with all acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyfiber stuffing. Stripey idea stollen from knitting to stay sane's adorable little socks.

Next up for an FO - Dragonfly socks!



Julie Crawford said...

very cute!! love the little stripe.s

- Julie

yoel said...

The stripes are so retro-cute!

weaverknits said...

I'm so impressed with the knitting you've been getting done! Love the pillows, and the cowl as well... sometimes the simplest things are the most striking, I think.

Rima said...

It is lovely! I am planning to make pillows as a wedding gift for my brother. Lets see.

nina said...

those pillows are adorable