Sunday, September 28, 2008

31. - FO - Bl-orangina

So, I finally got it together and took a couple photos of my finished Orangina. I realize that a couple of them are in polaroid form but, i think they still count as FO pictures.

Here we go:

Pattern by : Stefanie Japel - Orangina

Available on Ravelry as a download for $6.00

Yarn : Tahki Cotton Classic in colorway : 3873

Needles : size US 5 circular

Notes : I really love the idea of this shirt, very much so. I fell in love with it when I first layed eyes on it but, let me tell you about the tedious never-going-to-end-want-to-pull-your-hair-out lace. This shirt is knit in 2 stages... you do the front, then the back and join them together around the bottom. The satisfaction you get from finishing the huge chunk of lace is amazing - until you have to start the exact same thing for the other side. I wanted to cry inside a little but, I pressed on.

Modifications : Me thinking I'm being clever, decides to knit this shirt in a 38" bust when I am actually a 34". I think "well, it will be kind of droopy which I like - the draped clothing look is good so i'll just make it a little too big for me". Not very smart Erin. Why I didn't think that not only would the body be too big but, the ribbing at the bottom as well? I have no idea. But, this was the case so I ran some elastic through the ribbing at the bottom to pull it tighter.

I think the only thing I would say about this shirt is, don't try to knit on the subway. Its just a bad idea to try and remember the lace pattern while stuffed in between two (much bigger than you are) people or at 630am when the train is just PACKED up with people that don't want to catch you if you fall over because you're knitting on a full train with no seat.

Oh, orangina... I love you but i will NEVER knit you again. At least not until I get some more patience for never ending lace.

And now, I'll try to teach my psychopath dog how to "sit". Maybe work on my 2nd man sock.

Speaking of sock...


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


a weekend upstate new york :

So, you can probably see i've started a pair of socks. This is my first pair of socks EVER. After meeting up with Kim last week at the park and noticing her (what looked to be pretty straight forward pattern for) stripey socks I asked her to send me the details. I started 3 days ago and I am on heel #1 of sock #1 hoping to start sock #2 tomorrow.

As for orangina... It fits like shit. Great right? I have one more idea as to how I am going to save this shirt so I will actually wear it and that will be sewing elastic into the ribbing around the bottom. I was silly and made this shirt 2 sizes to big for me hoping it would be droopy but what I didn't factor in is, the ribbing would also be 2 sizes to big for me. Silly girl.

Anyway, here it is blocking -

I have decided I am going to make myself a huge, fuzzy, pretty scarf for winter... I was eye-ing Team Knit's Lady Eleanor when I stumbled upon this page. I can make my own variation of it.

Anyway, wish me luck with the elastic/orangina. I will end on some photoshop experiments of mine from upstate this weekend. Playground love? ha. clever.

love, granny.

p.s - i am looking for a long, droopy cardigan pattern... maybe something similar to this :

p.s.s - these are my new shoes and i love them :

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


lately i've been asking myself...


i am setting the goal of finishing it today. i have the day off, i'm charging through it. !!!
(this is of course me telling myself that i will finish it)

-erin. - granny.

Friday, September 12, 2008


so, this is my boy frank. my mother was asking me why i didn't have more pictures of him floating around. they are around for sure, i have about 50 on my cell phone. frank is a huge fan of sleeping, eating, peeing and pooping (all over the house). he is 11 weeks old and a little hellion but definitely in the top 3 cutest things i've ever seen in my entire life. it is actually very likely that he is THE cutest thing i've ever seen but, I've seen alot of things so i'm going to place him in the top 3 just incase.

the best friends birthday was last week which bought our friend the mahonster into town from tropical paradise. I've actually been holding her hostage. she has changed her flight 3 times... picnics in the park are wonderful.

I figured out my cowl issue, I had to tear back but, I'm glad I did because i really liked the way this looked simple and small. I also really like the stitch on both sides! I generally only like one side.

I used today for the first time... I should be getting my deliver between 4-6pm. I will report back with my likes and dislikes. now, I must go and do laundry to the sounds of Foreigner, Aaron Neville, Rod Steward and last but not least... Phil Collins. thank's to my sister in law for helping me compile one of the greatest playlists of all time.

love, granny.

Monday, September 8, 2008


i don't think i've ever posted a picture of my tattoo of yarn. i bought the yarn and needles for a reference but now, the scarf i made out of it belongs to someone on the other side of the pond. people don't see the tattoo very often because i rarely raise my arms up but, its one of my favorites.

my roomate had his fashion week/ launch party last night for the retail store he works at. it was pretty fun, open bar until midnight... which of course leads up to the headache i'm suffering from right now.

i'm half way through the 2nd panel of oranigina. it's almost making me slightly insane... lace pattern so i have to be attentive otherwise i'll end up ripping back god knows how long (like i had to with the first panel) but, same pattern 13 times over. then purl, then pattern, then purl... and over/over/over. SO, i decided to distract myself a little and make a cowl to post up in my etsy shop...

well, i'm about 10 rows deep when i notice... the yarn was twisted when i joined the two sides and now i am unable to make it lie down straight. in my current fragile state, i decided to put it down and not start ripping but instead, post a blog in hopes of someone telling me their secret on how to straighten this mess out...


frank is doing well... a 10 wk old puppy cant be expected not to pee all over my entire apartment 10 times everyday and hide little poops behind my roomates bedroom doors, right? i have to have patience and pray that this crate training method i'm doing right now works.

now, if only i can get him to stop crying while he's in there.

must get ready for work!
happy monday.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


the minnesota state fair is kind of awesome.
a real update later... must go prepare for the best friends birthday!!

love, granny.

p.s - meet frank :