Friday, September 12, 2008


so, this is my boy frank. my mother was asking me why i didn't have more pictures of him floating around. they are around for sure, i have about 50 on my cell phone. frank is a huge fan of sleeping, eating, peeing and pooping (all over the house). he is 11 weeks old and a little hellion but definitely in the top 3 cutest things i've ever seen in my entire life. it is actually very likely that he is THE cutest thing i've ever seen but, I've seen alot of things so i'm going to place him in the top 3 just incase.

the best friends birthday was last week which bought our friend the mahonster into town from tropical paradise. I've actually been holding her hostage. she has changed her flight 3 times... picnics in the park are wonderful.

I figured out my cowl issue, I had to tear back but, I'm glad I did because i really liked the way this looked simple and small. I also really like the stitch on both sides! I generally only like one side.

I used today for the first time... I should be getting my deliver between 4-6pm. I will report back with my likes and dislikes. now, I must go and do laundry to the sounds of Foreigner, Aaron Neville, Rod Steward and last but not least... Phil Collins. thank's to my sister in law for helping me compile one of the greatest playlists of all time.

love, granny.


Team Knit ! said...

Frank is ADORABLE!!! congrats on your new little addition. ; )

- Julie

Audrey Leighton said...


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craftivore said...

Super super cute. Yorkie pups really do look like stuffed animals. Love the lacy mini cowl.

Cassiemarie said...

cutest. puppy. ever.

I love the cowl as well, it is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

i love the cowl! i want a talent!! life seems to be rad for you, which always makes me smile! im about to move to michigan so hooray midwest!!