Sunday, September 28, 2008

31. - FO - Bl-orangina

So, I finally got it together and took a couple photos of my finished Orangina. I realize that a couple of them are in polaroid form but, i think they still count as FO pictures.

Here we go:

Pattern by : Stefanie Japel - Orangina

Available on Ravelry as a download for $6.00

Yarn : Tahki Cotton Classic in colorway : 3873

Needles : size US 5 circular

Notes : I really love the idea of this shirt, very much so. I fell in love with it when I first layed eyes on it but, let me tell you about the tedious never-going-to-end-want-to-pull-your-hair-out lace. This shirt is knit in 2 stages... you do the front, then the back and join them together around the bottom. The satisfaction you get from finishing the huge chunk of lace is amazing - until you have to start the exact same thing for the other side. I wanted to cry inside a little but, I pressed on.

Modifications : Me thinking I'm being clever, decides to knit this shirt in a 38" bust when I am actually a 34". I think "well, it will be kind of droopy which I like - the draped clothing look is good so i'll just make it a little too big for me". Not very smart Erin. Why I didn't think that not only would the body be too big but, the ribbing at the bottom as well? I have no idea. But, this was the case so I ran some elastic through the ribbing at the bottom to pull it tighter.

I think the only thing I would say about this shirt is, don't try to knit on the subway. Its just a bad idea to try and remember the lace pattern while stuffed in between two (much bigger than you are) people or at 630am when the train is just PACKED up with people that don't want to catch you if you fall over because you're knitting on a full train with no seat.

Oh, orangina... I love you but i will NEVER knit you again. At least not until I get some more patience for never ending lace.

And now, I'll try to teach my psychopath dog how to "sit". Maybe work on my 2nd man sock.

Speaking of sock...



yoel said...

Very cool! I like how you made it drapey and all Footloose. And the color!

Julie said...

i thought about you when i saw the bacon bandages. and the unicorns. bacon toothpicks sound gross, but not that much worse than a bacon martini, and that wasn't half bad?

Team Knit ! said...

That colour is gorgeous! And I love the elasticated waist, it does a lovely little ruffle that isn't too 'ruffly' at all. That's too bad that it was a soul-sucking pattern- I've neve rmade the Orangina,but I'm still tying to finish a lace tube top, so I hear your pain. It is a very cute shirt! Maybe it'll grow on you. No pun intended. ; )

- julie

Kim said...

Well, the way you described it, it was horrible... but I think it looks pretty good! Definately not a total loss.
You'd better not finish your socks before I finish mine.
(maybe I should get off the computer and go knit, then)

craftivore said...

Your description of knitting on the subway is hilarious. Good on you for toughing it out and finishing this. I'm sure that you will make it look very fashionable when you wear it with that air of confidence. It's cute!