Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I am a soft butter kind of girl, I don't like when the butter stays in the fridge and is too hard to spread on bread or toast in the morning (or afternoon or evening). I have always had a butter dish for as long as I figured out that I hated cold butter.

A week ago I went to Fishs Eddy with my roomate to get some mason jars and such for the reorganization of our pantry. We're all about living in a big girl apartment and having big girl things over here in Brooklyn. When I told my man friend I was he was adamant about me not looking at or buying anything else while I was in there. I was only to get mason jars and get out.

I thought it was weird but, he's a weird guy so I (thought) did what he told me and bought some mason jars (and a butter dish). Low and behold, one of his birthday gifts (aside from cooking the amazing braised short ribs and beet+fennel salad) was to get me a butter dish from Fishs Eddy so, I ruined it. How was I supposed to know he was going to get me a butter dish!? It's the only other thing in that store i would have wanted... ... ... Shit.

Regardless, he went to the store and got me another kind of butter dish so now I have 2. I decided to use the one he got me as a HONEY butter dish after my recent love affair with the buiscuits + honey butter at Commodore. Super delicious and super easy to make:

(for this size butter dish)
1/2 cup butter (1 stick)
1/4 cup honey
1 teaspoon agave
1 pinch of salt
mix the hell out of it



Friday, February 11, 2011


This year I decided to do the 365 pictures.

I've been thus far posting them on my fb page but i'll post some of my favorite ones up here for now.

3/ 365:
My new crazy plant that I can't figure out, some Canadian delicacies (salt & vinegar popcorn powder) & my new Nars multi purpose stick I can no longer live without.

14/ 365:
Frank (soon to be Francois after this really expensive dog trainer I got him)

18/ 365:
MNDR video day

26/ 365:
dreamcatcher making night

35/ 365:
the most amazing birthday dinner I could have ever asked for.

It's currently fashion week and for once, I didn't book the hell out of myself to the point of having to cancel things. It feels nice to be relaxed and ready for my shows.
Tomorrow will be BiJules at the end of the day, 1 before.
Calm, cool & collected.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Sometime last week I had a bunch of ladies over for a dreamcatcher making evening in my new apartment that I think went fabulously. I spent the afternoon wandering around in the slush looking for some kind of plastic O shaped thing because I hadn't yet looked up what dream catchers are exactly made out of, probably something I should have done before I went out on my shopping for supplies mission.

Either way, after a few hours of going to all the wrong stores I decided on some moldable wire.

We braided the wire and squeezed it together with plyers to make it a bit more secure then molded them into circles. Next time, I am definitely going to be ordering the rings online because that process took a lot longer than I thought it was going to. Next, I took some yarn and wrapped it around the newly made 'O' to make it a bit thicker all the way around. Finally I wrapped it with a piece of thin, wide suede.

figuring out the inside webbing was a bit tricky but Christy having macramed in the past figured out a pretty good way of doing it. I on the other hand broke down and youtubed a how-to video on the webbing.

Either way, they all turned out pretty amazing and there have been renegade feathers popping up all over my apartment for the last week.

I can't wait to make all of my friends forever, dreamcatchers for their birthdays.

I'm pretty happy with the way mine turned out. I think the next time I'm going to go overboard with the feathers though. Just get nuts with it.