Friday, May 29, 2009


So, I made some stuff over the past few days. I finally got the feathers from my best friend in L.A who's house I left them at when I visited and after using them for a shoot :

I turned them into these:

And I've been seeing a lot of really big bulky necklaces lately that have been turning the wheels in my head with my knits and how to use my scrap yarn and voila! I figured it out. This is the first of a few I'm going to make and put up in my shop. I am already halfway done the 2nd one which I plan on making a little bit bigger than this one. I'm sure I will progressively keep on making them bigger and bigger but for now - this is what I got.

Simple i-cords made cute.

I have been working like crazy this week. I had 2 makeup jobs on tuesday (which was my first day off this week from the coffee shop) and I have 2 makeup jobs that I'm doing tomorrow. The first should be simple - event makeup and the second is going to be... KICK ASS. I got so many new pretty bright colors today at the mac store - all of which I plan on using tomorrow.

I'm toying with the idea of going out tonight but, its probably not too smart considering I have quite the day tomorrow...

Hmmm am I young and able enough to handle a hangover? Only time will tell...


and something new that I love : youtube link (un-embed-able)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm not sure whats going on with me but, I don't want to finish anything I've been knitting lately. All I want to do is just start new projects. I want more petit ballerina feet socks, I want to knit another cape, I want to make necklaces with the scrap yarns that I have but - I am not interested in finishing any of these items, nor am I interested into sewing any of them together and or blocking. I wish that the magical finishing fairy would come and get all this stuff done for me.

I've been thinking lately of making more time for my etsy shop in my life because I finally figured out that - working for yourself is WAY more fun than working for someone else. I mean, I don't work 5 days a week - I don't know many servers who do but, I am at around 3 or 4 days a week and on my off days, I'm doing makeup so it might not hurt to specifically set aside one day a week to just work on my etsy shop.

It's mom's last day today which is sad - we've had a really good time. Having your mother around while your moving is kind of the best thing ever. My sink and countertops are so clean! My jewlery is all untangled and the coffee is generally ready in the morning before I even wake up! It's great! But, I suppose all good things must come to an end and tonight I will resume my regular life and experience my new apartment with my manfriend as it is going to be.

On that note, I am taking my mother makeup shopping now before she has to go to the airport. Finally, someone who is going to take advantage of my 40% off at M.A.C.

New shop update photos:

high of 72. I like that.


Friday, May 15, 2009


Always & Never:

Miss Tara Lynn posted this meme that she was tagged by and at work last night I found myself thinking about my always & never's so here we go with mine:


1. bangles: I wear bangles every single day - I actually never take them off. I have 2 large gold/brass, 2 medium size (one looks similar to the one in the image below) and about 7 littles ones. People think its weird that I sleep with them but, I would feel naked without them.

2. tapered jeans: the tighter the better, I had troubles re-adjusting into bell bottom or straight leg jeans because I've been skin tight-ing it for so many years and these are of course, my go to's

3. curly messy hair: my hair has always been as flat as a board, so needless to say when it drops down with no volume doing absolutely nothing but sitting there like i flat ironed it, it makes me insane. therefor, i curl my hair every 3 days. can't wait until the bleach is gone so i can get a body wave.

4. waist belts: I am a huge fan of waist belts. I love them, I need them, I dont' want to ever have less than 10.

5. oversized cardigans: I almost have one in ever color.


1. headbands: I know a lot of people really like these things and they seem to be popular with the kids these days but, I just cannot get into them. I have actually asked friends of mine to take them off because they drive me so nuts.

2. knee high gladiator sandals: please stop making them.

3. converse: now, this is not because I don't like converse, or have never work converse because that is not the case in the least. I own multiple pairs of converse, all black, black & white, white, pin stripe, camo but - everytime I try to put a pair on I feel dumpy and have to take them off. I have transformed in the last couple of years or so and somehow I magically cannot anymore wear converse. I prefer dainty lady slip on's or 7$ kmart slip ons.

4. yellow: my skin tone can't support an all yellow outfit. i can only do it in small doses which is sad because, yellow is kinda cute.

5. crop tops: I have always had this weird complex about bearing my stomach - I can't do it. If I do, I am constantly tugging down on my shirt and trying to cover myself. It was easier for me before I decided that I was embarassed of my lower back tattoo but now that I am, it is completely impossible for me to do. No bear mid-drift. I'd be great in middle school now.

If you're reading this post - consider yourself tagged for always & nevers.

and i know the font is all messed up. i am too annoyed with blogging to fix it.


Sunday, May 10, 2009


A couple things for today...

*If you didn't catch my last post and/or you are a sewing guru please take a look.

*I purchased this book on amazon today in hopes of filling my brain with more literature (fictional or not) considering since I've taken up knitting, I've basically stopped reading :

I found the book on this blog which I found while I was paroozing twitter this morning trying to find more cool shops to follow. Twitter is such a strange phenomena, I still don't 100% grasp and/or feel good about it.

*I posted a million new things on etsy this morning - well maybe not a million but, 5 new things is a good day I'd say.

*I painted my new apartment yesterday with the help from a couple friends yesterday. We managed to get the whole thing done which I was pretty impressed with. Just a couple floors left to clean and it's live-able. I'm so eager to move now that I know I have it.

*Mom gets here from the great white north on friday.

*New York needs more yarn stores to open and less yarn stores to close.

*I'm going to enjoy the sun now.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

72. to my fellow etsy-ers

Meet my friend Annaliese. This is also her dog carlos who has recently passed away.

She is looking for someone to construct her an urn for her little friend out of the fabric of a suitcase that he chose to sleep in everyday (as opposed to the 100$ dog beds that were in about every room of the house). This dog was really special to her so if you sewing geniuses out there know how you can make something special for her to keep her pup in forever please reply to this alchemy request:

on Etsy

or if you know someone perfect for the job - please pass the message along.

R.I.P Carlos.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Photobooth madness from the Henriot Champagne party.

Ren's photobooth fun.
Ly's photobooth fun.