Friday, May 15, 2009


Always & Never:

Miss Tara Lynn posted this meme that she was tagged by and at work last night I found myself thinking about my always & never's so here we go with mine:


1. bangles: I wear bangles every single day - I actually never take them off. I have 2 large gold/brass, 2 medium size (one looks similar to the one in the image below) and about 7 littles ones. People think its weird that I sleep with them but, I would feel naked without them.

2. tapered jeans: the tighter the better, I had troubles re-adjusting into bell bottom or straight leg jeans because I've been skin tight-ing it for so many years and these are of course, my go to's

3. curly messy hair: my hair has always been as flat as a board, so needless to say when it drops down with no volume doing absolutely nothing but sitting there like i flat ironed it, it makes me insane. therefor, i curl my hair every 3 days. can't wait until the bleach is gone so i can get a body wave.

4. waist belts: I am a huge fan of waist belts. I love them, I need them, I dont' want to ever have less than 10.

5. oversized cardigans: I almost have one in ever color.


1. headbands: I know a lot of people really like these things and they seem to be popular with the kids these days but, I just cannot get into them. I have actually asked friends of mine to take them off because they drive me so nuts.

2. knee high gladiator sandals: please stop making them.

3. converse: now, this is not because I don't like converse, or have never work converse because that is not the case in the least. I own multiple pairs of converse, all black, black & white, white, pin stripe, camo but - everytime I try to put a pair on I feel dumpy and have to take them off. I have transformed in the last couple of years or so and somehow I magically cannot anymore wear converse. I prefer dainty lady slip on's or 7$ kmart slip ons.

4. yellow: my skin tone can't support an all yellow outfit. i can only do it in small doses which is sad because, yellow is kinda cute.

5. crop tops: I have always had this weird complex about bearing my stomach - I can't do it. If I do, I am constantly tugging down on my shirt and trying to cover myself. It was easier for me before I decided that I was embarassed of my lower back tattoo but now that I am, it is completely impossible for me to do. No bear mid-drift. I'd be great in middle school now.

If you're reading this post - consider yourself tagged for always & nevers.

and i know the font is all messed up. i am too annoyed with blogging to fix it.



yarnovermovement said...

oh i'm glad you did it!
it was easier to think of nevers than always for me!
love t.l.

Team Knit ! said...

what a neat idea!! I agree with your nevers- you captured my feelings about yellow spot-on.

- Julie

andrea said...

I agree with almost all of this... except the yellow! Yellow is my jam 4ever!

Anonymous said...

Why do those jesus shoes exist?? They infuriate me.