Monday, August 25, 2008


my internet is out. verizon. GAH.

i am going to MN in 3 days for a much needed vacation from new york city.

i will work on orangina and start a new pair of socks that will a.) be my first pair of socks and b.) may be a potential gift for my boyfriend but, i don't think he will like the mustard yellow color i chose for them...

in the meantime... i drool for these :

pretty soon, this blog will be full of puppy pictures.

love, granny.

ps - my 25th entry on aug 25th which is my moms birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!
(its my champagne blog entry)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


one day in sequential order :

i re-potted a couple of my plants... sage considering it is WAY too big for the pot it was in, a cute little flower guy I got from ikea that seems to be looking espcially pink (which i'm guessing is a good thing).

I am doing a makeup job today that was supposed to consist of a 5am call time and running around brooklyn with my kit in tow all day but, instead we're going to be shooting interviews and "get to know you's" all day. fine with me, makes my life a lot easier.

The girl in the video is from Toronto... I'm going to end today on a homesick note I'm sure. (I say as I drink my tim hortons coffee and wait for my package of passion flakeys that my friend is sending me because my last box ran out the other day).

Anyway, oranigina... coming along. About 10" long so far. Started a hat for miss Annie.

C'est tout.

Friday, August 15, 2008

23. Lauren FO


Finally my Lauren FO :

Pattern : Lauren Jacket by weaverknits

Yarn: Harrisville Designs New England Highland in Colorway : 9176

Needles : US 8 cir 36" needles

Size : 34" bust
Mods : The pattern calls for a ribbed neckline but, I was really into the boat neck look that was happening so I decided to just stick with that and crochet finish the neck. I debated whether or not to make the sleeves full length but after trying it on, I liked the 3/4 length sleeve.

Buttons : Bought at knit new york, in a maroon-ish color. Accents the color of the sweater nicely.

Notes : I wore it out for the first time last night and boy was it warm. It is going to be perfect for those fall nights that are coming up and getting a little chillier. Looks great with a collared shirt under it. The yarn is a bit itchy so I'm not sure about wearing tank tops or tube tops under it which would be nice because of the boat neck but, I am not sure about my ability to handle the itchy-ness.

Update on Orangina - we made up, we're back on the right path. I am going to pay more attention to her and she isn't going to get mad at me and add stitches where I don't want them. I'm on my second of 9 skiens.

Today is errand day. Drop off the film, pick up the pills, get the photoshop for the computer that I miss so dearly, pick up the new sewing machine (that I didn't have to buy because my darling best friend -in photos of Lauren- is saving me a ton of money by giving me one from her old apartment), buy a new memory card for my new point and shoot camera (that my bed friend also gave me after I thought my camera had died- we figured out it was my memory card BUT, i still get the new camera) and last but not least, lunch with my Chelsea.

And I bid adieu with a photo my friend jonathan took of me while I was slinging booze.


Thursday, August 14, 2008


Me and Orangina are not getting along very well right now and I'm trying my hardest to not give up. I can't seem to have the attention span to actually go through a whole RS row without messing something up and adding sts where they should not be added.

I'm rather upset about it, considering i've frogged and frogged and frogged and all the other finished projects on Ravelry call it such a simple project. I guess I need to not knit it while I'm with friends. Maybe its too much for my brain to count and talk at the same time? I will conquer this shirt but, its killing my ego.

In other news, I still don't have photos of my Lauren FO but I promise I will soon. I have finally put a deposit on a puppy that I will be taking thousands of pictures of. I spent 350$ at Ikea last week but my apartment looks great and I decided on the sewing machine for right now instead of the camera.

I did makeup on the new Rockband game commercial yesterday, this will be paying for my new sewing machine and the desk I bought to put it on.

That is all.

ps - these are fun

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I have a dilema...

I've finished lauren, its SO pretty and i'm VERY excited about it but this is where the dilema comes in... My 3 year old kodak point and shoot camera has finally kaputz, she says i have no memory for pictures when I actually have nothing left on my camera. She has rolled around the bottom of my purse with chocolate rum balls, lint, tobacco and coins so I'd say its safe to say that I'm not surprised and/or incredibly heart broken about this.

SO, now i'm left with my 3 film cameras. There is no such thing as instant gratification as far as film goes so I've been thinking about investing in one of these :

but theeeeen, I thought to myself... The last time I used me sewing machine, it blew up my apartments electricity so maybe investing in a decent sewing machine is a better idea?


Dear Orangina,

I love the look of you, I love the yarn I chose for you, I love the idea I have of wearing you one day with such joy, adoratoin and love but STOP INCREASING STITCHES. PLEASE.


This is all for today. I promise I will post the FO for lauren as soon as I get the man's camera out of his apartment.


p.s Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


today i'm going to start by saying... man i wish i could go home for a visit (and thank you flickr for providing me with visual aids for my homesick-ness). it's been 3 years in october since i've visited my lovely city of toronto and i cannot WAIT to go back. thank god i have my friends so much closer now that i get quick weekend trips from them.

in other news, i seem to have a thing for blue's and purple's lately. ebay shopping is a problem for me, i scour the internet for pretty colors of pretty yarns. how can i turn down a good deal? and hello... 20% off debbie bliss cashmerino chunky? i love sales.

working away on my lauren, i have 1/3 of the 2nd sleeve to go, some blocking, a little sew up of those armpits, some buttons. i'm thinking i might not add the ribbed collar but i'm not entirely sure yet. i kind of like the low boat neck look it has happening right now. possibly just a crocheted neckline? what do you think?

onto the next, i was looking for another big-ish project to get started on and in my lurking of the blogs i spotted this pattern on slipped stitch'blog. i fell in love with is so here i am, casting on before finishing my last big project.

my lauren has gotten to the point where if i bring it out with me on my errands, it takes up quite a bit of space is my bag so i suppose my excuse could be that i needed something smaller?

i hate working at night, i feel like i spend all day waiting to go to work and not commiting to anything that could potentially take me more than an hour in fear that i might be late for work. part of the reason why i stopped bartending but, one of our night time waitress' is on vacation and alas, the shifts must be covered.

my better half and i booked tickets to his hometown at the end of the month, we'll galavanting around the twin cities and north by 2 hours to pick up my new puppyyyyyy!!!

i am really into the idea of dogs having human names and considering i want a boy, i'd like him to have an old man name that i can abbreviate. i'm kind of set on the idea of walter but, is it bad luck to name a pup before you actually meet it? any suggestions on more old man names?

ok. time to wash off the ol' hip tattoo (5 hours yesterday - ouch) and try to figure out what i can wear to work without being absolutely miserable. most likely going to have to wear a dress, a waitress in a dress? kind of silly but jean's will be impossible. hip tattoos can be quite irritating when in the healing process but my GOD, is it ever pretty.