Wednesday, August 20, 2008


one day in sequential order :

i re-potted a couple of my plants... sage considering it is WAY too big for the pot it was in, a cute little flower guy I got from ikea that seems to be looking espcially pink (which i'm guessing is a good thing).

I am doing a makeup job today that was supposed to consist of a 5am call time and running around brooklyn with my kit in tow all day but, instead we're going to be shooting interviews and "get to know you's" all day. fine with me, makes my life a lot easier.

The girl in the video is from Toronto... I'm going to end today on a homesick note I'm sure. (I say as I drink my tim hortons coffee and wait for my package of passion flakeys that my friend is sending me because my last box ran out the other day).

Anyway, oranigina... coming along. About 10" long so far. Started a hat for miss Annie.

C'est tout.


Team Knit ! said...

Whew! Looks like a busy but fun day.

- Julie

yoel said...

Oh man, I so miss NYC! It's a good day if it starts with knitting, right?

yarnovermovement said...

wait but there isn't tim hortons in brooklyn is there? no!
ps. i added your blog link to my knitting blog list on my blog ;P