Wednesday, August 6, 2008


today i'm going to start by saying... man i wish i could go home for a visit (and thank you flickr for providing me with visual aids for my homesick-ness). it's been 3 years in october since i've visited my lovely city of toronto and i cannot WAIT to go back. thank god i have my friends so much closer now that i get quick weekend trips from them.

in other news, i seem to have a thing for blue's and purple's lately. ebay shopping is a problem for me, i scour the internet for pretty colors of pretty yarns. how can i turn down a good deal? and hello... 20% off debbie bliss cashmerino chunky? i love sales.

working away on my lauren, i have 1/3 of the 2nd sleeve to go, some blocking, a little sew up of those armpits, some buttons. i'm thinking i might not add the ribbed collar but i'm not entirely sure yet. i kind of like the low boat neck look it has happening right now. possibly just a crocheted neckline? what do you think?

onto the next, i was looking for another big-ish project to get started on and in my lurking of the blogs i spotted this pattern on slipped stitch'blog. i fell in love with is so here i am, casting on before finishing my last big project.

my lauren has gotten to the point where if i bring it out with me on my errands, it takes up quite a bit of space is my bag so i suppose my excuse could be that i needed something smaller?

i hate working at night, i feel like i spend all day waiting to go to work and not commiting to anything that could potentially take me more than an hour in fear that i might be late for work. part of the reason why i stopped bartending but, one of our night time waitress' is on vacation and alas, the shifts must be covered.

my better half and i booked tickets to his hometown at the end of the month, we'll galavanting around the twin cities and north by 2 hours to pick up my new puppyyyyyy!!!

i am really into the idea of dogs having human names and considering i want a boy, i'd like him to have an old man name that i can abbreviate. i'm kind of set on the idea of walter but, is it bad luck to name a pup before you actually meet it? any suggestions on more old man names?

ok. time to wash off the ol' hip tattoo (5 hours yesterday - ouch) and try to figure out what i can wear to work without being absolutely miserable. most likely going to have to wear a dress, a waitress in a dress? kind of silly but jean's will be impossible. hip tattoos can be quite irritating when in the healing process but my GOD, is it ever pretty.



Team Knit ! said...

I think Lauren would look great with a crochet trimmed neckline- boatnecks are so flattering!

What about Franklin for the pup? And if it's a girl- Franklynne! ; )

- Julie

CanarySanctuary said...

Puppy? Yeah! I'll know I've "made it" in life when I get me a puppy.

I know what you mean re: waiting all day to go to work. I worked nights for a while there. Not so fun.

Can't wait to see your Orangina. :)

weaverknits said...

I can't wait to see your finished Lauren! I think a boatneck would be great; just a round of single crochet or a round or two of garter stitch would finish it off quite nicely.

I recently had some hip/side tatoo work done, and wore rather unflattering empire waisted dresses for several days (really had to dig in the back of the closet to find them). I think a waitress in a dress is an elegant idea, go for it!


Rima said...

Hello from India!

A puppy! How so very cute. Dont forget to post pictures.