Tuesday, July 29, 2008

19. FO

well! let me introduce you to my new kerchiefs! the first one is rusty orange:

I used the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (I originally bought with intentions of using it for the Oddball baby blanket I worked on but later decided the color didn't fit the rest of the blanket). These pictures do it no justice as far as the color goes but its a beeaaautiful orange.

I improvised a different route with this kerchief as opposed to the others I've made in the past. I knit this one from the bottom up, starting with a slip knot and using raglan increases all the way up with some kfb's on the sides so they would catch up to the middle in length.

I also got to use one of my adorable little woven buttons for this little guy because I cast off a bit too early to be able to tie it. I like the button usage better anyway. Now it will fit nice and snug up against the neck.

The suggested size needle was a 6 but, I went ahead with a US #10 so it would be looser and more comfortable. I'm really into cotton yarns lately.

Secondly is Le purple :

I cabled all the way down the center in hopes of it being a bit more prominent but, this style is cute too. Funny enough its the exact same Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece yarn in purple. I had this left over from the caplet I made a couple entries back. There are so many yards per skein of this stuff, I have a whole other one in my stash that I've barely touched.

I went with a smaller needle for this one - US #8. Tight and clean looking. Please excuse the hint of extremely messy hair (its been a hot one today).

In other news, I've finished my scarf and I'm sewing in the ends. Man stripped scarves are kind of a little bit of a nightmare but good lord is it pretty.

One sleeve down on Lauren, one to go. I need another big project for the que... any suggestions?



Team Knit ! said...

the kerchiefs are so lovely! As for a big project- ever think of knitting a shawl? I'm going ot cast on for my first one soon, and if I had realized before that all it takes is usually one skein of laceweight alpaca (which is usually only about $20 something), I'd have ten shawls by now!

- Julie

craftivore said...

What a great thing to do with lone skeins, I could see it in something sparkly too.