Monday, July 14, 2008


well, i've made an etsy shop.

Just going to post a few things up there for now... see how it goes. maybe my friends will pity my efforts and buy a couple things. haha.

Anyway, working on another tote bag. I'm using the yarn I bought off yarntopia on ebay, its knitting up quite lovely... this time i shall do it bigger. I've also made it to the ribbing at the bottom of the body on my Lauren sweater. Sleeves up next!

I got the most BEAUTIFUL present in the mail today...

as i walked into my apartment today, i saw the handwriting of my childhood santa clause (yes, i was devistated to find out it was my grandmother all along) on a massive box. a gift!! when i saw the size of the box, i knew what it was going to be but i had NO idea it was going to be so beautiful!! I called her immediately and grilled her about what kind of yarn she used, how long it took, what size needles (canada and the us have different needle sizes - i had no idea though it should be obvious)... I cant wait for it to get cool enough outside for me to wear it.

And of course, me being ridiculous, the headband in the first picture, is actually not a headband at all... she informed me it was a cowl she sent me in return for the one I sent her for her birthday.

Alright, I've got coffee grind under my nails, off to the showers.


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