Monday, December 29, 2008

47. FO

So, I just got back from my minnesota christmas vacation, uploaded a million and one pictures to flickr and am now finally finding the time to update the blog. I have one last christmas present to finish that I already pre-warned would be a little bit late. So she will continue to wait until I am finished.

I didnt' have any turkey this year which is kind of strange for me but, I did have copious amounts of ham. I love ham, I had no idea how much I loved ham. I had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner... Split pea soup with the bone marrow, fried it up for breakfast... all kinds of different ham's. Beautiful thing.

I did a little bit of shopping, I didn't realize it until this trip but I live in basically the shopping capitol of the country so for me to expect to find killer shopping in mid-western states is kind of a bit ignorant. I went to about 4 stores before I finally found the most beautiful cape I've ever seen (I will soon provide pictures of said cape). I have a new found love for poncho's and capes and this one, perfect.

I didn't take very many pictures but here are a couple. The top one is the alley behind the house, there are all kinds of these alley's in mpls/stp. I've seen them before in Dallas and I never quite understood them. I mean why isn't the garage in the front of the house at the end of the driveway instead of behind it? Thats like you're making a whole one lane street for parking? I'm sure there is a logical reason for it. This is the house I watched television in for the past 6 days. It looked really pretty at 4:30pm, the sky was looking nice.

I'll move onto some knitting now.

While I was away, I had the chance to finish up this adorable pair of sockettes.

Ballet School Dropout Sockettes
Yarn : Koigu Painters Pallet Premium Merino (KPPPM)
Needles : US 2
Mods : I didn't technically modify anything, I did choose to go the 'deeper toe' route. I like toe cleavage and all but these guys will be worn under my 7.99$ kmart slip on's and my hipster urban outfitter ked's (har har). So, that being said I don't really need them to be all THAT low.

Notes : I love Koigu yarn. Like, loveloveLOVE it. It is SO easy to work with and it feels nice, not to mention it looks clean and defined. I have another pair of socks I used Koigu for and it still holds up quite nicely after washing them. I will for sure be using it again.

A friend of mine gets in from Toronto in about 15 minutes so I have to get cleaned up and ready for dinner upstairs with the aunt's of my frankit.

Funny picture, he tried to eat my new socks :
And, last but not least... If you're ever in Saint Paul, Minnesota... May I reccomend going to the Yarnery. its pretty cute. HUGE sock yarn variety. I guess I'm on a sock kick lately.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Today was a big day in the world of the internet for me folks... I re-vamped my blog as I'm sure you have already noticed and I posted 2 new things in my etsy shop.

Eye-Lets Love cowl :
Knit with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino - suuuuper soft and lovely. I finished this on my way to Miami and immediately started a secret christmas present so I've been so engulfed in said secret christmas presents that I haven't had time to get this posted up on ye' old etsy.

Second - Nauti-Cowl :

I knitted this with some left over yarn I had from 'secret christmas presents', I figured why not bang out another cowl and post it up. Its been a while since I updated my etsy because i've been doing this and that and work and sleep -etc... Its tighter than most of the cowl's I make but, I kind of like how tight it is. I thought about keeping it for myself for a minute but I have so many and I'm running out of room!

Thank you new roomate Nick for photographing me.

I'm getting ready to go to Minnesota for christmas, this will be my second year in the past 4 years that I will be with a family that I'm not firmiliar with. The first year, I was in Livermore, CA with my friend Paul who so sweetly invited me to his family's place for christmas after finding out that I was most likely going to be alone. I hate not going to my family for christmas - so many ritual's that I haven't been able to partake in in over 3 years... My mom came down the past 2 years which was lovely but this year, its back to the misc. christmas. It will be fun but, I miss my family.

Here's another blog refferal, I was sent over here today by my best friend io. This girl is 12 years old and incredibly advanced for her age! Cute little fashion blurbs, interviews, shopping refferals... Check it out.

This is a week of dinners for me. Tonight with Tippy, tomorrow is Miss Molly's birthday pot luck... I don't have anymore planned yet but we'll see as the week goes on.


Monday, December 15, 2008


Some of my christmas knitting is a secret so I'm photo-less right now but, I can say that I am what I feel like - very behind on christmas shopping. I have 8 days essentially to get everything in the mail, home, wrapped. I can't knit quick enough. Shit!!

I'm kind of hungover, it was my anthonys birthday last night and I ventured out to a club in the west village that is way too expensive, way too smokey and way too far from my house but for once I had fun. I have to work at 330, I'm not sure how that is going to work out.

I'm going to not really say to much because of my current state but here is an awesome blog with some great music :
Le Freak C'est Keek

and a couple photos.

from selkas film about the magic tap shoes.

one of my little plants - projectors.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm back from Miami, to say the absolute least it was an amazing time! I generally hate florida (except Orlando) but, I figured I had never been down for an event of sorts, I've always been there on tour. I hoped to change it. Upon arrival (after getting up at 6am to rush to JFK) we picked up the rental car and checked into our cozy little hotel by the airport. They had a "general store" on the ground floor that was on an honor system. You drop exact money in a little box for whatever item it is that you want or fill in a little slip with your room number. After first glance, we decided our hotel looked like a loonie bin.

After settling in we hopped in our cute little silver box and headed to south beach. We kicked if off at the Tokion magazine party. Met up with the lovely miss Heather and drank some free wine. It was a bit chilly, wind blowing and of course 2 girls from New York going to Miami neglected to bring sweaters or things that may help in a windy or cold situation. We were somewhat screwed but we fought through and pushed on. We later checked out the Aqua Art and called it a night around midnight.

Thursday was full of fun... Io was to speak on a panel about outsiders coming in at 2pm so we woke up, searched for starbucks for about 2 hours then barely got to the Gen Art fair in time.

Post Gen Art/Vanguard we rolled on over to the Theme Magazine party in Wynwood where we met up withLogan & Jeremiah. This was the beginning of us "rolling 13 deep". Its like a snow ball, you keep pushing and pushing and going and going and all of a sudden you're in Miami (where 12 hours before you only knew maybe 2 people) driving around like you grew up there with your 11 new friends.

We rode on over to South Beach where we hit up the Ricky Powell party. An impromptu fashion show with half naked women strutting in bikinis may or may not have happened, a couple drinks... some painting. But the bikini's I think was the highlight of the party. Or maybe the hispanic guy that asked me what my sign was and told me that he needed be to buy him a drink becaue the police stole his bag.

Next stop, Beautiful Decay party - our group got bigger. We went to the Pharell party at Le Baron - an underground club lit up by only red lighting (to make people look beautiful) where we got seated at a table, 3 tubs of assorted beer and a bottle of 10 cane rum. For free.

stollen photo from logan.

After that, there was nothing more than sleep.

Friday I forced Io to take me to the beach. I knew that if we didn't go, we would never make it. It was so beautiful.

Friday night was the Scion party at the Raleigh hotel in the Penthouse. Pretty fancy stuff though they only had one bathroom which if you ask me was pretty silly considering they had an open bar party. None the less, I met a ton of new people and hung out with my crew of 12 until we rolled onto the next stop which was the Obey party. I took a few pictures there but got the memo that Russel Simmons was there and didn't like cameras so I had to put it away.

Next stop was the GenArt party in Wynwood where we stayed for aprox 10 minutes before walking the (way longer than we should have walked) "6" blocks to the next party. Living in New York and thinking about blocks is like a facade. I think 'oh, 6 blocks is not that far at all - thats like walking from the train stop to my work which takes me 5 minutes'. In other cities - blocks have the ability to be almost a mile long. Ugh - it was a stupid choice to walk. I was in heels. It was annoying and kind of chilly. But, we got there - we had to go back to the car to get our ID but - we did finally get to the Nike/ANP party.

At first the music was so loud that we had to all go to the bathroom to get toilet paper for our ears. We had to pay 13.01 for 1 single drink that had 15% gratuity included, at a bar where they didn't serve tap water - only bottle for 6$. It was shit. Terrible... too loud, too expensive I almost thought about suggesting leaving untiiiiiiiiil - Heather saved us and showed us there was free wine & beer in the garden out back where we then accumulated a cabana!

stollen again from logan

The boys finally at one point decided to leave us and head back to South Beach for bed when they shut down the garden and we shortly followed but didnt go to bed. We closed the diviest of bars on 14th & Collins called Mac's Duece club. Made it home around 530am. I haven't done that in what feels like forever.

Saturday we dedicated to being art day. So, I'm just going to picture through saturday :

I found these two at the NADA art fair. This is a performance piece they have been working on together since 2006. It is one giant pink crocheted tube. I of course stopped, took photos, took video and asked them a bajillion questions. A link to more info about the super super long pink tube.

Anyway, that basically sums up the weekend, our flight left very early on sunday morning so after one more meal in south beach, we went home to our little insane asylum hotel.

I didn't get much knitting done (obviously). I did start a hat and realized after all the ribbing that it was big enough to fit 2 heads so I had to start over / back on track now.

I have no christmas presents yet other than the 2 dishcloths... I better get on it.

Thats all for now.
Thank god for a day off.

Monday, December 1, 2008

43. FO - wooman socks.

So, here I am with the socks that took me nearly 2 months to knit. Knitting while on the train, at work when it was slow, sometimes out at bars with friends or at friends houses - basically the "i have spare time and I need to entertain myself somehow". Now, this isn't to say that I love them any less than anything else I spend real time working on because I have been endlessly excited about finishing them and getting them on my feet. I mean its my 2nd pair of socks ever, first pair for myself... They are a big deal.

So, I am going to start with all the basics :

Yarn : Koigu - Bought at The Yarn Tree in Brooklyn on sale!!
Pattern : A combination of 2 patterns - knitting from the toe up, knitting the heel last.
Size : Woo-Man size. A tiny bit too big for my feet (size 8) but, not enough to make it annoying.

Needles : Size 2 US
Notes : I love the yarn, Its so lovely to knit with. It hardly ever splits, it slides around on my bamboo DPNS perfectly... I am for sure going to be using it again, in fact I have 2 more balls wound ready to be turned into more socks! (these might be jaywalkers - ignore the boob)

Now - tragedy insues (sp?) ... They look fine from here right? Totally cute, little, colorful socks?

Well, have a closer LOOK !!!
So, I have this nasty habit of smoking cigarettes, which I don't do in my house and had I left this project at home this may have never happened but, I took them out to the "big game" last night (because i hate sports and figured I'd try to finish my socks while the minnesotans watched sports) and somehow a cherry from my cigarette decided to jump off the tip of my cigarette and into my purse where my poor veunerable sock was harmlessly hanging out. My sock was hurt and upset, mostly that I didn't notice it being attacked by the burning cherry in time enough to save it from the little hole. I am pretty upset about it... I did the best I could sewing it in hopes of it not coming apart again. Every stitch I tried to sew to would break in half - they were all creating the "facade" of being real stitches but, infact - they were already damaged.

I'm wearing them anyway.

In other news, I knitting these for my boyfriends mother for christmas - dishcloths from this pattern, I improvised a little on one of them but, I figured it would be a cute gift for a mid-western mother. Mojo is super excited and she doesn't even know it.

I have also decided both my grandmothers will also be receiving these for christmas. Mom, don't tell them.

I have to go to work now. I really don't want to. I am going to Miami on wed so I would really like a little rest before my vacation but, I suppose I do need drinking money in south beach? Im delerious and need to wash my face.

e. & g.

p.s - new post on chopstickbusinesscard.
p.p.s - i broke my phone again. patiently awaiting a new one.
p.p.p.s - where is team knit?. I miss them.