Monday, December 1, 2008

43. FO - wooman socks.

So, here I am with the socks that took me nearly 2 months to knit. Knitting while on the train, at work when it was slow, sometimes out at bars with friends or at friends houses - basically the "i have spare time and I need to entertain myself somehow". Now, this isn't to say that I love them any less than anything else I spend real time working on because I have been endlessly excited about finishing them and getting them on my feet. I mean its my 2nd pair of socks ever, first pair for myself... They are a big deal.

So, I am going to start with all the basics :

Yarn : Koigu - Bought at The Yarn Tree in Brooklyn on sale!!
Pattern : A combination of 2 patterns - knitting from the toe up, knitting the heel last.
Size : Woo-Man size. A tiny bit too big for my feet (size 8) but, not enough to make it annoying.

Needles : Size 2 US
Notes : I love the yarn, Its so lovely to knit with. It hardly ever splits, it slides around on my bamboo DPNS perfectly... I am for sure going to be using it again, in fact I have 2 more balls wound ready to be turned into more socks! (these might be jaywalkers - ignore the boob)

Now - tragedy insues (sp?) ... They look fine from here right? Totally cute, little, colorful socks?

Well, have a closer LOOK !!!
So, I have this nasty habit of smoking cigarettes, which I don't do in my house and had I left this project at home this may have never happened but, I took them out to the "big game" last night (because i hate sports and figured I'd try to finish my socks while the minnesotans watched sports) and somehow a cherry from my cigarette decided to jump off the tip of my cigarette and into my purse where my poor veunerable sock was harmlessly hanging out. My sock was hurt and upset, mostly that I didn't notice it being attacked by the burning cherry in time enough to save it from the little hole. I am pretty upset about it... I did the best I could sewing it in hopes of it not coming apart again. Every stitch I tried to sew to would break in half - they were all creating the "facade" of being real stitches but, infact - they were already damaged.

I'm wearing them anyway.

In other news, I knitting these for my boyfriends mother for christmas - dishcloths from this pattern, I improvised a little on one of them but, I figured it would be a cute gift for a mid-western mother. Mojo is super excited and she doesn't even know it.

I have also decided both my grandmothers will also be receiving these for christmas. Mom, don't tell them.

I have to go to work now. I really don't want to. I am going to Miami on wed so I would really like a little rest before my vacation but, I suppose I do need drinking money in south beach? Im delerious and need to wash my face.

e. & g.

p.s - new post on chopstickbusinesscard.
p.p.s - i broke my phone again. patiently awaiting a new one.
p.p.p.s - where is team knit?. I miss them.


Rima said...

Cute socks. I think the cigarette burn adds character...and a lovely story.

When do I get to see you? Email me through Ravelry.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your poor socks! They still look good and I would wear them anyway. I remember once I was smoking in the car with my sister in law on our lunch break from work and I was wearing hospital scrubs. My cigarette cherry blew off and fell right into my lap and burned a hole in my pants and my leg!

I stopped in the yarn tree this weekend to look at what was left of the koigu and only one color interested me- but not enough to buy it. hmph.

Have fun in MIAMI!!

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest of socks and I agree the lil burn is a character builder and only a seasoned knitter would even notice - I will not tell the Grama's I do not speak "knitinize"

craftivore said...

Koigu really is the bomb. Your socks are great, it must have been a tourette's moment when you saw the burn. I'm sure they'll still wear wonderfully. This is just a good excuse to knit another pair.