Wednesday, February 25, 2009

59. FO Scarfy- Cardi

Great news!! I FINALLY finished my Scarfy-Cardi. Had I actually marked down how I made it and wrote a pattern for it I don't think i would have called it Scarfy-Cardi but because I'm not sure I'll ever be able to make another one - I am going to call it that for now because it is in fact : A Scarfy- Cardigan.

I used the Peruvian Tweed Superfine Alpaca I color way 127 (off white) - Knit the cardigan in a basic raglan increase in stockinette, I then knit the scarf seperately in heel stitch and sewed it onto the neckline. It took just BARELY under 2 skeins (aprox 1200 yards).

I then decided that I wanted it to have 2 front panels in a different stitch so I picked up stitches along the front open seam and knit for about 5" in seed stitch and VOILA! I was finished. Everything was done on size US 8 circulars.

I am going to be sewing on snap buttons so I will have somewhere to pin the ends of the scarf when I'm not wrapping it around my neck. The shape they're going to make is beautiful (and I'll post more pictures of it - I just got excited to have an FO!)

All I'm doing is working these days, its killing me. Luckily I managed to get friday and saturday off. This will be my first 2 days off in a row in 3 weeks. I am SO excited.


Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well, another day of working ahead of me and another day of waking up incredibly early because of an alarm on a cell phone that isn't mine... *ahem*. Next time said alarm on said cell phone wakes me up to the point where I have to wake up its owner to turn the stupid thing off, I'm going to throw it out the window. Not even kidding. Bye Bye iPhone.

Anyway, I got some new stuff that I'm going to be posting up on etsy in the next day or two. I found some killer stuff at a somewhat secret thrift store right by my house... A sneak peak?

I was almost tempted to keep that purse for myself but, I figure don't get too attached to things otherwise I'm never going to be able to part with anything. There are other purse fish in the sea. This skirt I'm pretty amped on. Its a Liz Claiborne with the tag's and all! Its even got the extra buttons in a little baggie on the skirt! I already have it posted up here.

I've been doing a lot of freelance work lately, which is why I think I'm so tired. I've been working as much as I normally do at my coffee shop job but I've been doing way more freelance work so I've barely had any time off. It pays off in the end though. Yesterday's call time was 630am so, I was up at 5. Awful time of day to be awake unless you've been up since the night before.

It was my first runway show yesterday and I didn't do makeup but, I did hair and it was AWESOME.

Nanette Lapore :

My roomate and I got excited about the knit hat's and arm warmers that were in the collection.

Anyway, thought I don't have pictures of it yet, my Scarfy-Cardi is coming along sooooo beautifully! I sewed on the scarf yesterday and now I'm working the front panels. I can't believe how well its turned out and now I'm kicking myself for not keeping track of what I did to write a pattern for it.

FO to come soon.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


Things on etsy have been selling pretty good, I'm rather excited about it. What I am not excited about is, I bought a dress for my birthday that cost a pretty penny... In my shopping I found another dress in a similar color and almost identical style to said expensive dress for 98% less than I bought the birthday dress for. arg.

I am on a cleaning frenzie before I have to work tonight but, I figured why not throw up some pictures of Frank doing things he's not supposed to be doing like eating my yarn :

But, then again he does things like this (he needs his face hair trimmed as he cannot see me as well as I can see him) :

And, finally... Progress on le scarf. Almost there ! :

Long work week ahead of me. I'm tired already!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today so far has been a pretty good day off. I woke up relatively early and cleaned my room. I took frank to the dog park where he proceeded to get really dirty and decided it would be a good idea to get mud all over me and my white shoes. I walked, I coffeed, I talked, I (window) shopped. Not so bad.

Upon arriving home, Frank couldn't go without a bath so, that happened which is always relatively easy but, the whole cutting of the hair thing after the bath was not a fun one. He hates it for some reason when I try to touch his paws. I can cut everything else whenever I want to but as soon as I go for the paws it's life or death and he will gnaw on my fingers until I either get pissed off and yell at him a bunch or give up. Today... I WON THE BATTLE. I did yell at him a little, yes but - I ended up winning. He fell asleep while I was cutting his leg hairs! I feel like I've conquered the Frank.

In knitting news, there hasn't been much knitting. I'm on the scarf part of my cardigan and I HATE knitting scarves so I'm about halfway through the scarf when I could very well be finished by now. I haven't started another project in fear of abandoning my scarf but, I think I might have to. Its either Frank sweater or lace beret pour myself. Hmmm.

I've also decided that I'm going to sell vintage clothes on my etsy store as well as my knits. I figure I have an entire wardrobe that I like to circulate clothes in and out of so why not try to fund the clothes I buy with money from the clothes I sell!

Here are a couple things I'll be posting in the next few days :
Suede brown boots

Suede/Leather tan boots
Tie dye tank top
I've got a few things that I've posted up already. Who knows how this will go, I'll call it an experiment for now.

Does anyone prefer etsy to ebay or vice versa? I like how much neater looking etsy is and I feel like its less confusing but as far as clothes selling goes - etsy vs. ebay?

Tonight, I go for dinner to some fancy fondue place in Soho where they serve wine in baby bottles. Possible go out dancing after... I do have the day off again tomorrow!!

I love days off.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Happy birthday to me :)

Artwork by : Jnthn

For my birthday, someone got me a "missed connection" on craigslist!!

quite possibly my favorite thing ever. ::

oh tattooed chick who works at mud! i want to scream out my love for you from the top of a mountain, but there aren't really a lot of mountains in the NY metropolitan area. you're like the girl from Ipanema, but way more white and i doubt you speak Portuguese. Your beauty is so illuminating and i kind of go deaf when i see your face! that smile! your cute knit hat! your long chestnut hair! everything about you entrances me, except, you have a ton of shitty tattoos and a septum ring...

I can see it now, you and i walking down the street hand in hand, glowing. The mere sight of us together will conjure "happy together" by the Turtles to everyone who looks upon us. then we'll walk into a cafe so i can introduce you to my friends to show off your beauty. After you have ordered your food, you'll politely excuse yourself to go to the restroom, and when in your absence, with a shit eating grin on my face, i'll look to my friends and say, "so... pretty awesome right?" to which they'll reply "uh.. dude, she has a septum ring" but i will defend your honor and stand up and say "so?!? were we not young once? dont we have some sort of questionable fashion skeleton in our closet? are we not hipsters to boot? besides, i find her love of shitty 90's hardcore endearing." they'll snort and remind me i have better taste than that. "fuck you" i'll say. then i'll mumble almost inaudibly "she likes other stuff too! like um... drum and... uh, bass" they'll laugh at me i know, but they dont know you like i do. like i think that it's cute that you find the new Animal Collective record "pretty weird if you're fucked up". i dont have to explain it to anyone. you make me food when i'm sick, and....

fuck this. i think you're about to file a restraining order if i come into your place of business again. you don't notice me anyway and i am pretty sure you have a boyfriend that i wouldn't enjoy fighting. i'm taking my patronage to starbucks. their black and green uniforms are like kryptonite for my boner anyway.

And for now, I will get early day manicures, knit a bit of hat & scarf, drink some more coffee and possibly spend some money that I shouldn't on something to wear to kareoke tonight.

Have a good day!!

yay for 3rd grade lazerbeam photos!
(me before the '90's hardcore babe tattoos & septum ring)

Monday, February 2, 2009

54. FO - Jaywalkers

I finally finished my Jaywalkers! (ravelry). They look wonderful! This is my first pair of socks that I've knit the hell into as I was going, the other ones were all using the afterthought heel.

A couple of photos? Oh, why yes.

Yarn : Claudia Hand Painted yarns in Fingering Weight from The Yarnery in St.Paul, MN
Needles : US 1

Notes : I was a little on the dumb side when I bought the yarn for these socks and didn't read the pattern on how much I would need so I just figured - 2 skeins, 2 socks!. Soon I came to find out I was going to run out of yarn for the toe's and had no idea what I was going to do. Luckily, I impulsively buy things on eBay and I picked up some Rowan Cotton Glace and that worked out perfectly for the toe.I am quite happy with them. Now I'm working on the scarf for Scarfy-Cardi. I'm almost wondering if I should have made the scarf wider? I'm not sure. If anything though I have decided I am going to knit onto the front.

This will all make much more sense when I get some photos. Ha.

Thats all for now.