Tuesday, July 29, 2008

19. FO

well! let me introduce you to my new kerchiefs! the first one is rusty orange:

I used the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (I originally bought with intentions of using it for the Oddball baby blanket I worked on but later decided the color didn't fit the rest of the blanket). These pictures do it no justice as far as the color goes but its a beeaaautiful orange.

I improvised a different route with this kerchief as opposed to the others I've made in the past. I knit this one from the bottom up, starting with a slip knot and using raglan increases all the way up with some kfb's on the sides so they would catch up to the middle in length.

I also got to use one of my adorable little woven buttons for this little guy because I cast off a bit too early to be able to tie it. I like the button usage better anyway. Now it will fit nice and snug up against the neck.

The suggested size needle was a 6 but, I went ahead with a US #10 so it would be looser and more comfortable. I'm really into cotton yarns lately.

Secondly is Le purple :

I cabled all the way down the center in hopes of it being a bit more prominent but, this style is cute too. Funny enough its the exact same Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece yarn in purple. I had this left over from the caplet I made a couple entries back. There are so many yards per skein of this stuff, I have a whole other one in my stash that I've barely touched.

I went with a smaller needle for this one - US #8. Tight and clean looking. Please excuse the hint of extremely messy hair (its been a hot one today).

In other news, I've finished my scarf and I'm sewing in the ends. Man stripped scarves are kind of a little bit of a nightmare but good lord is it pretty.

One sleeve down on Lauren, one to go. I need another big project for the que... any suggestions?


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

18. -FO

well, here we are... i have finally used the yarn i bought off Yarntopia-Treasures and I have made a bigger version of the nest tote.

To be honest, i'm not quite sure the blend of the yarn. BUT, here is what i do know :
Needles : :US 13 Cir - 16"
Measures : 14" from top to bottom with nothing inside, 19" from left to right along the bottom, 11" straps from top of bag to top of strap inside the opening & it stretches to 21" with things inside.

These bags are great because they're so quick to knit up, the only thing while knitting this particular one was, my hands were blue for the 4 days it took me to knit. I couldn't tell if it was from my brand new jeans or the yarn (hand died) but, my hands are finally clean!

Anyway, with my recent etsy.com luck, I decided to post this one up on my etsy shop. The kercheif's I had posted on there went like hotcakes!!

I'm now working on a beaaautiful brown and pastel pink scarf for myself.

Speaking of warm, I hope this heat wave goes away soon.


p.s - im in love with rowan cotton rope. Mmmmm... feelssogood.

Monday, July 14, 2008


well, i've made an etsy shop.

Just going to post a few things up there for now... see how it goes. maybe my friends will pity my efforts and buy a couple things. haha.

Anyway, working on another tote bag. I'm using the yarn I bought off yarntopia on ebay, its knitting up quite lovely... this time i shall do it bigger. I've also made it to the ribbing at the bottom of the body on my Lauren sweater. Sleeves up next!

I got the most BEAUTIFUL present in the mail today...

as i walked into my apartment today, i saw the handwriting of my childhood santa clause (yes, i was devistated to find out it was my grandmother all along) on a massive box. a gift!! when i saw the size of the box, i knew what it was going to be but i had NO idea it was going to be so beautiful!! I called her immediately and grilled her about what kind of yarn she used, how long it took, what size needles (canada and the us have different needle sizes - i had no idea though it should be obvious)... I cant wait for it to get cool enough outside for me to wear it.

And of course, me being ridiculous, the headband in the first picture, is actually not a headband at all... she informed me it was a cowl she sent me in return for the one I sent her for her birthday.

Alright, I've got coffee grind under my nails, off to the showers.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008


hi there.

its been a little while since my last post. i've been working on my lauren sweater, i'm actually almost completely done with the body which leaves me with the collars and sleeves. in the mean time i've been knitting little prjects to keep my satisfaction of completion level up. i knit a headband for my friend annaliese, another little green slouch hat that i'm about to wrap up with the berocco softwist i've been keeping hidden away, i'm thinking of starting another market bag with the yarn on ebay (yarntopia).

speaking of ebay, i'm selling a couple things :

link to my ebay items

i'm not very good at setting up links on the internet, but we'll see how it goes. i'm going to go enjoy the rest of my last day off for 5 days.