Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well! Its been a long weekend. My parents were here from the great white north visiting for the weekend. We did the tourist-ey kind of thing in the mildest way possible (which is great - i avoided times square like the plague thank god) did a few dinners, introduced the travis, canal street, central park, wiliamsburg, east village. Showed them my various places of work over the past 2 years, bought frank a jacket, watched some eddie murphy - raw on my apartment wall (my roomate got a projector YAY!). All in all, the weekend was a success. The weather was pretty alright until of course toady when they decided to take the train to JFK and it was raining bullets all morning. its still kind of crummy outside but, i'm still in my pijama's so i am completely okay with that.

In some knitting news, my roomate naomi has decided to take up knitting. This is her second attempt which is FAR better than the first...

She has somehow developed this tiny little donut that lives around the working yarn. i was so perplexed by it that i had to take pictures... How does this happen?! I have never developed a tiny donut! How do I get to do that? What if I like the tiny donut? I have since taking these photos learned that it is because of the way she holds her yarn, it is wrapped around the inside of her pinky finger (which makes her pinky finger hurt after a while) which then because being stuck in there and using the baby alpaca - makes the donut! She is now on her 3rd donut of her first hank. I lover her donuts.

Onto the next knitting thing - I have this weekend completed another anthropologie inspired caplet for my mother, another little shell cowl for an etsy order and i am now working on a third little shell cowl for miss Gala. I predict to be finished with it by tomorrow sometime, possibly the end of tomorrow. Its kind of an awesome color I'm using for hers... I bought some hand dyed Araucania Chilean yarn. Its 100% pima cotton and knits up beautifully. Among all of those things I finished, I also got the yarn to finish Rudy short for Rudolph.

It came out pretty great! Funny thing about it, the second I finished sewing up the ends, I sold it to my roomates friend (as seen in photos) who was running out the door to get a car to the airport. I was snapping these photos as his car service was downstairs honking away waiting for him to come out.

I think Rudy will be much easier to write the pattern out for. Flossy can be done but I think it will have to be for slightly more advanced knitters because of the lace pattern, how exacitally do I say "now fix the stitch so it doesn't look lopsided

rnd 1: yo, sl1, k2, psso
rnd 2: k
rnd 3: yo, sl1, k2, psso
rnd 4: k and go forever then -
rnd 1: yo, sl1, k2, psso (but if you need to to make the pattern look okay) - yo, sl1, k1, psso

confusing... even to me. SO! I think rudy will be written up sometime in the next day or two. :)

Another new and exciting thing that I've decided to do with my best friend (as shown below) is this fun little photo-blog. We will be posting our first assignment sometime this week... I am very excited about my new camera if you couldn't tell already. Lastly, I leave you with frank. Looking as dapper as ever. The cutest puppy in the entire world.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hello blog world...

So, I bought these 3 balls of yarn leaving me with 336 yds of this wonderfully beautiful yarn that I'm not sure I can get again. I really want to make some sort of shirt/poncho/sweater/something wearable out of them and I'm not sure where to go with it. At first I thought i'd make a really simple raglan cardigan, sew on some buttons and call it a day but I'm not sure I'll have enough yarn...

I'm conflicted here. A cowl? I have so many and make them all the time... Please post your favorite shirts that didn't take very much yarn that you think I would like/love! (Is this cheating? Not finding my own pattern and asking for suggestions?) I mean I would really like one of these but I feel like I should do that in a yarn that is self striping or some sort of color assortment. I could try for the beaded cami because Jen's from Team Knit is kind of amazing. She used US 3 needles... I'd be using 5's or 6's... 617 yds for hers? Hmm... I just don't know.


Let me tell you about this creation :

This is a cowl I started working on knitting and mid way decided I was going to excersize my crochet skills. It was an interesting experience. I had to rip back the black baby alpaca more than 3 times because I couldn't figure out how to keep the tension loose enough to actually pull it over my head. I went a different route with it... I wrapped it around both my knees. I figure, my head (which is an especially big head for a girl) has GOT to be bigger than the circumfrence of both of my knees... right? Yes. thank god it worked. So here it is in all its glory... I'm calling it gothic because the crochet reminds of of spider webs (because of course everything having to do with spider webs is gothic?)

It is mighty cold here in the NYC. Time to start thinking about huge warm scarves and mittens and sweaters for FRANK! I think he's almost at the size where if I make something for him now, it will still fit when he's full grown. I'll just have to make it with something stretchy... So expect 'Frank in sweater' pictures soon. Speaking of Frank in things, my mother has told me she is looking for a halloween costume for him. Maybe he wants to be an airplane?

Here's another thing... I am (in the least creepy way possible) really into lurking other peoples knitting blogs... and there are so many out there that I am not aware of! I'm going to list a few of my personal favorites, the must read-er's. Maybe we can do a blog share??

1. Team Knit - Well firstly they are from my home town so I have fun picking out where in the city they are in their photos. The knits are always great, the FO pictures are beautiful and I love the knits in fashion posts.

2. Love is all you Knit - My first NYC knit/blog/ravelry friend. Someone I can totally nerd out on knitting with in person!

3. WeaverKnits - I accidentally found her while I was searching sweaters to knit and along came her Lauren sweater. I knit it, I loved it, I became addicted to her blog.

4. Yoel Knits - Always got a new FO, the newest always equally as adorable as the last!

5. MI SCUSI - Someone I wish I could of met all those times I went to North Carolina and thought to myself "I wonder if I'll ever have friends here beacause I've been here so many damn times without knowing anyone".

6. Stay Fance Free - A girl I knew many eon's ago who fell into the same love for knitting that I did. It excites me. And she is cute.

So, thats just a few... I have many more that I love to read but I will stop myself because I'm moving from being just hungry to somewhat starving.

FRONT PAGE OF ETSY! (me and a common thread was totally random!) YAY!

love, granny.

p.s - i may or may not spend a hefty amount of money on camera from previous posts i've been drooling over for the past 2 months

Thursday, October 16, 2008

35. FO: Man Socks

Hi there. So, I finally spent enough time at the boyfriends house to remember to take pictures of his man feet in his new man socks. One sock is apparently much harder to get on that the other, must of been when i was sewing in the ends - I weaved something too tight? I'm not sure what I did but anyway - here they are in all of their mustard yellow glory!

Man Socks : Pattern : A mixed combination of
this pattern and this heel by way of kim who told me about said patterns.

Yarn : provided by the 'don't ask don't tell sale bin' at Knit New York.
Needles : US 2 DPNs

Size : Man Size (64 sts @ 8 sts per inch)

Notes : I liked how easy this all was - being my first pair of socks and all, I was quite satisfied with how they turned out. Even though I have some tiny little holes around where I joined the heel (I keep typing hell) I still love them and I'm pretty sure the mister does too.

In some life news, Kim and I went to see the Yarn Harlot at Barns n' Noble. It was pretty funny - shes a clever lady. This is my proof of us being there (photo stollen from her blog) :

And in leui of all sock-ness happening lately I cast on for a pair of socks for myself! I bought this yarn at The Yarn Tree in brooklyn for 20% off koigu sock yarn! I'm pretty happy with the way they are knitting up. Looks like if anything I'll have completeled 2 pairs of socks for socktoberfest. I'm gonna try for 3.

On the makeup tip, I've done 3 jobs this week. Its been pretty great. One was with photographer Jessica Bloom for our book stuff. The model was awesome, she looked great and was very aware of what she looked like in a photograph. I feel like its always much easier to work with someone when you know they've spent 30+ hours looking at themselves from every angle in the mirror. It makes the day go much smoother. The 2nd job was for the cover of c chan's record. It was pretty aweome. I'm not going to say anything about it until I get the OK from someone. The photographer for that was Todd Westphal. Its been a while since I've seen him!

Last but not least was yesterday's makeup job. It was great working with a 3 man crew - Photographer, subject and makeup. - Drove out to jersey, started the first shot at 4pm and banged out 3 looks in 2/5 hours. I was pretty impressed with us.

Heres a couple of shots I did a few months back :

And today, I make the orders from my etsy store and eat as much as I want because I am not going anywhere!!


Friday, October 10, 2008


So, I was emailed a really interesting article from a British newspaper today... I'll put the article in italics so if you're not interested in reading it skim past the italics and get onto the FO's and pictures down below :

Subject: An article from The British Newspaper The Guardian

An interesting view from overseas.

Subject: A succinct editorial from Jonathan Freedland of the British newspaper The Guardian on the upcoming US election.

'If Sarah Palin defies the conventional wisdom that says elections are determined by the top of the ticket, and somehow wins this for McCain, what will be the reaction? Yes, blue - state America will go into mourning once again, feeling estranged in its own country. A generation of young Americans - who back Obama in big numbers - will turn cynical, concluding that politics doesn't work after all. And, most depressing, many African - Americans will decide that if even Barack Obama - with all his conspicuous gifts - could not win, then no black man can ever be elected president.
But what of the rest of the world? This is the reaction I fear most. For Obama has stirred an excitement around the globe unmatched by any American politician in living memory. Polling in Germany , France , Britain and Russia shows that Obama would win by whopping majorities, with the pattern repeated in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America . If November 4 were a global ballot, Obama would win it handsomely. If the free world could choose its leader, it would be Barack Obama.The crowd of 200,000 that rallied to hear him in Berlin in July did so not only because of his charisma, but also because they know he, like the majority of the world's population, opposed the Iraq war.. McCain supported it, peddling the lie that Saddam was linked to 9/11. Non - Americans sense that Obama will not ride roughshod over the international system but will treat alliances and global institutions seriously: McCain wants to bypass the United Nations in favour of a US - friendly League of Democracies. McCain might talk a good game on climate change, but a repeated floor chant at the Republican convention was 'Drill, baby, drill!', as if the solution to global warming were not a radical rethink of the US's entire energy system but more offshore oil rigs.

If Americans choose McCain, they will be turning their back on the rest of the world, choosing to show us four more years of the Bush - Cheney finger. And I predict a deeply unpleasant shift.Until now, anti - Americanism has been exaggerated and much misunderstood: outside a leftist hardcore, it has mostly been anti - Bushism, opposition to this specific administration. But if McCain wins in November, that might well change. Suddenly Europeans and others will conclude that their dispute is with not only one ruling clique, but Americans themselves. For it will have been the American people, not the politicians, who will have passed up a once - in - a - generation chance for a fresh start - a fresh start the world is yearning for.And the manner of that decision will matter, too. If it is deemed to have been about race - that Obama was rejected because of his colour - the world's verdict will be harsh. In that circumstance, Slate's Jacob Weisberg wrote
recently, international opinion would conclude that 'the United States had its day, but in the end couldn't put its own self - interest ahead of its crazy irrationality over race'.

Even if it's not ethnic prejudice, but some other aspect of the culture wars, that proves decisive, the point still holds. For America to make a decision as grave as this one - while the planet boils and with the US fighting two wars - on the trivial basis that a hockey mom is likable and seems down to earth, would be to convey a lack of seriousness, a fleeing from reality, that does indeed suggest a nation in, to quote Weisberg, 'historical decline'. Let's not forget, McCain's campaign manager boasts that this election is 'not about the issues.'

Of course I know that even to mention Obama's support around the world is to hurt him. Incredibly, that large Berlin crowd damaged Obama at home, branding him the 'candidate of Europe ' and making him seem less of a patriotic American. But what does that say about today's America , that the world's esteem is now unwanted? If Americans reject Obama, they will be sending the clearest possible message to the rest of us - and, make no mistake, we shall hear it.'

Onto the knitting -

I've been working away at the knitting the last few days, trying to get some things up on the etsy store, use up some old yarn I have leftover from other projects and I took it upon myself to make a hat pattern. I don't know if you could technically call it a hat pattern because I did use a basic stitch but, I am pretty excited about it none the less. Let me introduce to you :

Flossy short for Florence

Needles : 10 circular 16"
Yarn : Catalina Baby Alpaca Chunky

I am pretty excited about my new hat... Once I figure out how to write the pattern I'm sure I'll post it here...

I named it after my boyfriends grandmother - her name was Florence but they called her Flossy... SO, in leui of that - I am going to be making a mens version and naming it "Rudy short for Rudolph", Flossy's husband.

Another couple of things I've worked on in the past few days :

little media case

soft squishy cowl guy

and on that note, I am exhausted and need a nap.
love, granny

and frank

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Just thought I'd share something a friend of mine (who is making her first movie for school) shared with me. There was a 40 year retrospective on Yves St. Laurent in Montreal that is now being packed up and shipped over to San Francisco. Only making 2 stops (which i think is ridiculous because - NYC... NEGLECTED?!) It will be opening in San Francisco on November 1st. I highly suggest going.

I have here, the first ever wedding dress designed by YSL :

Knit! My friend thinks this is a statement on how marriage is an imprisonment for women... Its possible, but then again - the imagination can be a wonderful thing. haha.

She almost got kicked out for taking these pictures but, good thing she is charming. She talked her way out of getting kicked out.

Another sample of things YSL designs : A tribute to Van Gogh :

Here is a Q & A that might be interesting...

In other news, my man socks are finished, I will have to get photos - I am working on a hat pattern that will be listed somewhere sometime soon - Sock yarn at the yarn tree on Bedford Ave is on sale and I'll be going back to get some more today.

2nd time fresh direct order arrives tomorrow. Hopefully this time the potatoes wont go bad.

Also, Frank - is incredibly adorable yes, I love him very much yes, I appreciate his irritating little chewy teeth yes... but, I am reaaaaally not into him peeing on my bed :/

Today is laundry day now.

-love, granny.

P.S - Kim convinced her husband to drive us up to Rhinebeck! Yay!

Friday, October 3, 2008


i have some terrible news...

my beloved phone - was stollen today.
also, because i was hoping verizon "forgot" about us... our internet is shut off too.
all should be well by monday.

but today, i eat chinese food on my couch and feel sorry for myself.

(but, i went shopping yesterday and it was GREAT. thank you yarn store for having sales! thank you beacons closet for providing me with cute shirts and a nice purse.)

-love, granny.