Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Just thought I'd share something a friend of mine (who is making her first movie for school) shared with me. There was a 40 year retrospective on Yves St. Laurent in Montreal that is now being packed up and shipped over to San Francisco. Only making 2 stops (which i think is ridiculous because - NYC... NEGLECTED?!) It will be opening in San Francisco on November 1st. I highly suggest going.

I have here, the first ever wedding dress designed by YSL :

Knit! My friend thinks this is a statement on how marriage is an imprisonment for women... Its possible, but then again - the imagination can be a wonderful thing. haha.

She almost got kicked out for taking these pictures but, good thing she is charming. She talked her way out of getting kicked out.

Another sample of things YSL designs : A tribute to Van Gogh :

Here is a Q & A that might be interesting...

In other news, my man socks are finished, I will have to get photos - I am working on a hat pattern that will be listed somewhere sometime soon - Sock yarn at the yarn tree on Bedford Ave is on sale and I'll be going back to get some more today.

2nd time fresh direct order arrives tomorrow. Hopefully this time the potatoes wont go bad.

Also, Frank - is incredibly adorable yes, I love him very much yes, I appreciate his irritating little chewy teeth yes... but, I am reaaaaally not into him peeing on my bed :/

Today is laundry day now.

-love, granny.

P.S - Kim convinced her husband to drive us up to Rhinebeck! Yay!

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Team Knit ! said...

You're going to Rhinebeck?! Congrats!!

That wedding dress looks so phallic to me, I had such a chuckle....

- Julie