Thursday, October 16, 2008

35. FO: Man Socks

Hi there. So, I finally spent enough time at the boyfriends house to remember to take pictures of his man feet in his new man socks. One sock is apparently much harder to get on that the other, must of been when i was sewing in the ends - I weaved something too tight? I'm not sure what I did but anyway - here they are in all of their mustard yellow glory!

Man Socks : Pattern : A mixed combination of
this pattern and this heel by way of kim who told me about said patterns.

Yarn : provided by the 'don't ask don't tell sale bin' at Knit New York.
Needles : US 2 DPNs

Size : Man Size (64 sts @ 8 sts per inch)

Notes : I liked how easy this all was - being my first pair of socks and all, I was quite satisfied with how they turned out. Even though I have some tiny little holes around where I joined the heel (I keep typing hell) I still love them and I'm pretty sure the mister does too.

In some life news, Kim and I went to see the Yarn Harlot at Barns n' Noble. It was pretty funny - shes a clever lady. This is my proof of us being there (photo stollen from her blog) :

And in leui of all sock-ness happening lately I cast on for a pair of socks for myself! I bought this yarn at The Yarn Tree in brooklyn for 20% off koigu sock yarn! I'm pretty happy with the way they are knitting up. Looks like if anything I'll have completeled 2 pairs of socks for socktoberfest. I'm gonna try for 3.

On the makeup tip, I've done 3 jobs this week. Its been pretty great. One was with photographer Jessica Bloom for our book stuff. The model was awesome, she looked great and was very aware of what she looked like in a photograph. I feel like its always much easier to work with someone when you know they've spent 30+ hours looking at themselves from every angle in the mirror. It makes the day go much smoother. The 2nd job was for the cover of c chan's record. It was pretty aweome. I'm not going to say anything about it until I get the OK from someone. The photographer for that was Todd Westphal. Its been a while since I've seen him!

Last but not least was yesterday's makeup job. It was great working with a 3 man crew - Photographer, subject and makeup. - Drove out to jersey, started the first shot at 4pm and banged out 3 looks in 2/5 hours. I was pretty impressed with us.

Heres a couple of shots I did a few months back :

And today, I make the orders from my etsy store and eat as much as I want because I am not going anywhere!!



Kim said...

Ha Ha! I love how you drew arrows on that picture- I wanted to do the same thing!
Your socks look really great- both the man socks and the new ones

yoel said...

I love how the mister's feet are all ballerina-ish in knitted socks :)

andrea said...

I love those mustard socks! I can't believe you (or anyone) have the patience to knit with size 2s... I am so impatient! I think the smallest I can knit with these days are a size 11... I think that makes me a Bad Knitter.

Rima said...

Good job! The socks came out perfect. By the way, when are we meeting up?

Reckless Glue said...

love those man socks--the colour is totally wearable, it's nice to see "non" varigated socks (not that there's anything wrong with that...)

Ryan Ulysses Marshall said...

You have about 8 months to knit something little :)

weaverknits said...

Congrats on the jobs and the socks! I bet he'll wear them to death... and now that you've knitted him a pair, he'll keep asking for more. I say thing from experience with husband, dad, father-in-law...