Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hello blog world...

So, I bought these 3 balls of yarn leaving me with 336 yds of this wonderfully beautiful yarn that I'm not sure I can get again. I really want to make some sort of shirt/poncho/sweater/something wearable out of them and I'm not sure where to go with it. At first I thought i'd make a really simple raglan cardigan, sew on some buttons and call it a day but I'm not sure I'll have enough yarn...

I'm conflicted here. A cowl? I have so many and make them all the time... Please post your favorite shirts that didn't take very much yarn that you think I would like/love! (Is this cheating? Not finding my own pattern and asking for suggestions?) I mean I would really like one of these but I feel like I should do that in a yarn that is self striping or some sort of color assortment. I could try for the beaded cami because Jen's from Team Knit is kind of amazing. She used US 3 needles... I'd be using 5's or 6's... 617 yds for hers? Hmm... I just don't know.


Let me tell you about this creation :

This is a cowl I started working on knitting and mid way decided I was going to excersize my crochet skills. It was an interesting experience. I had to rip back the black baby alpaca more than 3 times because I couldn't figure out how to keep the tension loose enough to actually pull it over my head. I went a different route with it... I wrapped it around both my knees. I figure, my head (which is an especially big head for a girl) has GOT to be bigger than the circumfrence of both of my knees... right? Yes. thank god it worked. So here it is in all its glory... I'm calling it gothic because the crochet reminds of of spider webs (because of course everything having to do with spider webs is gothic?)

It is mighty cold here in the NYC. Time to start thinking about huge warm scarves and mittens and sweaters for FRANK! I think he's almost at the size where if I make something for him now, it will still fit when he's full grown. I'll just have to make it with something stretchy... So expect 'Frank in sweater' pictures soon. Speaking of Frank in things, my mother has told me she is looking for a halloween costume for him. Maybe he wants to be an airplane?

Here's another thing... I am (in the least creepy way possible) really into lurking other peoples knitting blogs... and there are so many out there that I am not aware of! I'm going to list a few of my personal favorites, the must read-er's. Maybe we can do a blog share??

1. Team Knit - Well firstly they are from my home town so I have fun picking out where in the city they are in their photos. The knits are always great, the FO pictures are beautiful and I love the knits in fashion posts.

2. Love is all you Knit - My first NYC knit/blog/ravelry friend. Someone I can totally nerd out on knitting with in person!

3. WeaverKnits - I accidentally found her while I was searching sweaters to knit and along came her Lauren sweater. I knit it, I loved it, I became addicted to her blog.

4. Yoel Knits - Always got a new FO, the newest always equally as adorable as the last!

5. MI SCUSI - Someone I wish I could of met all those times I went to North Carolina and thought to myself "I wonder if I'll ever have friends here beacause I've been here so many damn times without knowing anyone".

6. Stay Fance Free - A girl I knew many eon's ago who fell into the same love for knitting that I did. It excites me. And she is cute.

So, thats just a few... I have many more that I love to read but I will stop myself because I'm moving from being just hungry to somewhat starving.

FRONT PAGE OF ETSY! (me and a common thread was totally random!) YAY!

love, granny.

p.s - i may or may not spend a hefty amount of money on camera from previous posts i've been drooling over for the past 2 months


andrea said...

What color of the bamboo did you get? I'm probably the wrong person to ask here, since I've gravitated far, far away from US 3s, 5s, 6s...I would just go up a few needle sizes and work with a looser gauge! I looked through my ravelry favorites: I like this tunic:
and this cardigan:
this weird sweater:

Here are all my ravelry faves:

I think you can search on ravelry by yardage? What about striping with another yarn?

I love your gothic thing! I tried crocheting and I got frustrated..I really like abstract or freeform crochet.

ALSO thank you for mentioning me in your favorite knitting blogs! I feel the same way; I get excited when I see that you've posted. NC is actually suuuuuper boring but if you are forced to visit it, we should meet and knit together!

Kim said...

Oh, WOW! Front Page of Etsy! Your mp3 cozy looks great

yoel said...

So exciting about Etsy!

Awthanks for linking to me ;)

Team Knit ! said...

Congrats on being Etsy-fied!! Your knit/crochet cowl is very cool, I wish my crohet skills were up to snuff to do something like that.

As for your yarn issue....I don't think you have enough yarn for the beaded cami (unless you made a short one?)Have you thought about the ribbed lace bolero (shrugs are an awesome way to use up just a few skeins), or even the cropped cardi by Stefanie Japel? I'd also suggest the Shetland Shorty from Knitty.

Thanks for the love!


amy said...

I love other people knit blogs too. its how i found yours.