Monday, December 29, 2008

47. FO

So, I just got back from my minnesota christmas vacation, uploaded a million and one pictures to flickr and am now finally finding the time to update the blog. I have one last christmas present to finish that I already pre-warned would be a little bit late. So she will continue to wait until I am finished.

I didnt' have any turkey this year which is kind of strange for me but, I did have copious amounts of ham. I love ham, I had no idea how much I loved ham. I had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner... Split pea soup with the bone marrow, fried it up for breakfast... all kinds of different ham's. Beautiful thing.

I did a little bit of shopping, I didn't realize it until this trip but I live in basically the shopping capitol of the country so for me to expect to find killer shopping in mid-western states is kind of a bit ignorant. I went to about 4 stores before I finally found the most beautiful cape I've ever seen (I will soon provide pictures of said cape). I have a new found love for poncho's and capes and this one, perfect.

I didn't take very many pictures but here are a couple. The top one is the alley behind the house, there are all kinds of these alley's in mpls/stp. I've seen them before in Dallas and I never quite understood them. I mean why isn't the garage in the front of the house at the end of the driveway instead of behind it? Thats like you're making a whole one lane street for parking? I'm sure there is a logical reason for it. This is the house I watched television in for the past 6 days. It looked really pretty at 4:30pm, the sky was looking nice.

I'll move onto some knitting now.

While I was away, I had the chance to finish up this adorable pair of sockettes.

Ballet School Dropout Sockettes
Yarn : Koigu Painters Pallet Premium Merino (KPPPM)
Needles : US 2
Mods : I didn't technically modify anything, I did choose to go the 'deeper toe' route. I like toe cleavage and all but these guys will be worn under my 7.99$ kmart slip on's and my hipster urban outfitter ked's (har har). So, that being said I don't really need them to be all THAT low.

Notes : I love Koigu yarn. Like, loveloveLOVE it. It is SO easy to work with and it feels nice, not to mention it looks clean and defined. I have another pair of socks I used Koigu for and it still holds up quite nicely after washing them. I will for sure be using it again.

A friend of mine gets in from Toronto in about 15 minutes so I have to get cleaned up and ready for dinner upstairs with the aunt's of my frankit.

Funny picture, he tried to eat my new socks :
And, last but not least... If you're ever in Saint Paul, Minnesota... May I reccomend going to the Yarnery. its pretty cute. HUGE sock yarn variety. I guess I'm on a sock kick lately.



Rima said...

Oh..those feet of yours look so good in your new handmade stuff! Cute and warm.

Team Knit ! said...

those ballet slippers are awesome!! so is the rose tattoo.

- Julie

Anonymous said...

Love the sockies- I might have to check out that pattern.

Reckless Glue said...

ok those sockettes are fab--need to make those! could you get a pair out of one ball of koigu?

craftivore said...

Adorable sockettes, I'm sure they'll make your 7.99 flats look like a million bucks. Love your foot tat, too. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

i love those!! and I've been wanting to try Koigu...

Team Knit ! said...

I totally need those slippers!