Friday, August 15, 2008

23. Lauren FO


Finally my Lauren FO :

Pattern : Lauren Jacket by weaverknits

Yarn: Harrisville Designs New England Highland in Colorway : 9176

Needles : US 8 cir 36" needles

Size : 34" bust
Mods : The pattern calls for a ribbed neckline but, I was really into the boat neck look that was happening so I decided to just stick with that and crochet finish the neck. I debated whether or not to make the sleeves full length but after trying it on, I liked the 3/4 length sleeve.

Buttons : Bought at knit new york, in a maroon-ish color. Accents the color of the sweater nicely.

Notes : I wore it out for the first time last night and boy was it warm. It is going to be perfect for those fall nights that are coming up and getting a little chillier. Looks great with a collared shirt under it. The yarn is a bit itchy so I'm not sure about wearing tank tops or tube tops under it which would be nice because of the boat neck but, I am not sure about my ability to handle the itchy-ness.

Update on Orangina - we made up, we're back on the right path. I am going to pay more attention to her and she isn't going to get mad at me and add stitches where I don't want them. I'm on my second of 9 skiens.

Today is errand day. Drop off the film, pick up the pills, get the photoshop for the computer that I miss so dearly, pick up the new sewing machine (that I didn't have to buy because my darling best friend -in photos of Lauren- is saving me a ton of money by giving me one from her old apartment), buy a new memory card for my new point and shoot camera (that my bed friend also gave me after I thought my camera had died- we figured out it was my memory card BUT, i still get the new camera) and last but not least, lunch with my Chelsea.

And I bid adieu with a photo my friend jonathan took of me while I was slinging booze.



hibou said...

Looks great! I love the colour. This sweater is in my queue, and I just may follow your lead on the neckline!

Cassiemarie said...

That sweater looks really lovely, especially on you! :)
I love the texture of the yarn you chose, and those buttons are perfect.

Team Knit ! said...

That sweater is seriously awesome, and I was just stalking the pattern on Ravelry today! I think it's going to get in my queue very soon. I love hte colour you chose, but I'm a sucker for greyish-brown.

The photo of you in the bar is incredible!

- Julie

Rima said...

Beautiful! I cant wait to see the sweater in real life! Really came out well.
Back in two weeks...get those knitting needles ready for some coffee and lots of talking. I cant wait to get back.

Susan said...

That is 100% perfect! The boat neck works for this look.

I'm trying to be faithful to my Orangina right now. Really not keeping me too interested these days...we'll see.

weaverknits said...

WOW!!!! Great Lauren! It's perfect on you, and I love the neck. If I make one for myself (since the original went to Lauren, its namesake, who likes high necks), which I hope to do, I may do the neckline you chose too!

Excellent portrait of you as well. Lovely.

craftivore said...

Great job on Lauren, it looks super stylish. Love the barmaid photo, I bet you get loads of tips.