Sunday, May 10, 2009


A couple things for today...

*If you didn't catch my last post and/or you are a sewing guru please take a look.

*I purchased this book on amazon today in hopes of filling my brain with more literature (fictional or not) considering since I've taken up knitting, I've basically stopped reading :

I found the book on this blog which I found while I was paroozing twitter this morning trying to find more cool shops to follow. Twitter is such a strange phenomena, I still don't 100% grasp and/or feel good about it.

*I posted a million new things on etsy this morning - well maybe not a million but, 5 new things is a good day I'd say.

*I painted my new apartment yesterday with the help from a couple friends yesterday. We managed to get the whole thing done which I was pretty impressed with. Just a couple floors left to clean and it's live-able. I'm so eager to move now that I know I have it.

*Mom gets here from the great white north on friday.

*New York needs more yarn stores to open and less yarn stores to close.

*I'm going to enjoy the sun now.



Team Knit ! said...

I'm always looking for good book recommendations- when you're done let us know if it was worth reading! The title is pretty intriguing.

- Julie

andrea said...

I wish I could help make the urn; my mom's dog actually just died today so I feel her pain. Have you tried posting on the etsy forums?

Let me know if you need any other book recommendations; I am a big nerd and I read every day. Who are your fave authors?

craftivore said...

Sorry I don't have any ideas about the urn. Yay for your new apartment. I heard that the Point closed from Kim, bummer.