Wednesday, September 24, 2008


a weekend upstate new york :

So, you can probably see i've started a pair of socks. This is my first pair of socks EVER. After meeting up with Kim last week at the park and noticing her (what looked to be pretty straight forward pattern for) stripey socks I asked her to send me the details. I started 3 days ago and I am on heel #1 of sock #1 hoping to start sock #2 tomorrow.

As for orangina... It fits like shit. Great right? I have one more idea as to how I am going to save this shirt so I will actually wear it and that will be sewing elastic into the ribbing around the bottom. I was silly and made this shirt 2 sizes to big for me hoping it would be droopy but what I didn't factor in is, the ribbing would also be 2 sizes to big for me. Silly girl.

Anyway, here it is blocking -

I have decided I am going to make myself a huge, fuzzy, pretty scarf for winter... I was eye-ing Team Knit's Lady Eleanor when I stumbled upon this page. I can make my own variation of it.

Anyway, wish me luck with the elastic/orangina. I will end on some photoshop experiments of mine from upstate this weekend. Playground love? ha. clever.

love, granny.

p.s - i am looking for a long, droopy cardigan pattern... maybe something similar to this :

p.s.s - these are my new shoes and i love them :


andrea said...

Yo, yo,

I am a little confused about what you mean about etsyblogswap whatever but yes! I'm down.

Entrelac looks crazy; I've always wanted to try it but it seems like it would take 5 million years.

I want a sweater like that too--I wanted this one so bad but it was 65 bones.

Yesssss knitting blog friendsssss

Kim said...

Wow, your sock is really coming along! I started on a second, but have only knitted the toe so far. Must get knitting!

Susan said...

I just finished my second Orangina and it sucked during the process, but was worth it in the end.

I have only done a pair of socks in my knitting life and I can see that you are MUCH faster at it than I am. Great progress.