Monday, August 24, 2009


Today I think was maybe my 3rd or 4th day off this month. I slept till 2, I ate as much greasy food as I could fit in my body, I laid in bed for hours on end and I walked my dog around the block. I feel unproductive and its hard for me to be ok with it. I realize I'm supposed to get some R&R every now and then but today, I really went for it. I wrote yelp reviews, I looked up vegas swimsuit models who's husbands killed themselves in Canada, I read blogs and I chatted. No knitting (yet), no working (until tomorrow at 7am -eep)... I didn't even have a shower yet today. This I think, might have been the laziest day in I can't even remember how long.

So, in lieu of being as lazy as possible, I'm just going to stop typing and post some pictures of my recent sock knits WIP's & FO's.



Team Knit ! said...

cute socks, and cute slippers!

- Julie

tara-lynn said...

gorgeous knits!

andrea said...

Yo dude. I wrote a long comment at tara-lynn's blog about another tip...I wanted you to see it as well! Also--you mentioned running out of mailers--have you seen this:
? I haven't tried it but if you could find a source of free/cheap bubble wrap, it would be such a good idea!

weaverknits said...

Good for you, with the laziness. I had so many days like yours when I was Unemployed, and they made me more focused and motivated when I did get back to work. Not to mention more rested. Rested is good.

Lovely socks as well!

Rima said...

How cute are those slipper thingees! You look like a little ballerina!

ms_kitsune said...

where did you get the pattern for the slippers? those are AWESOME!!!

craftivore said...

Are those Monkeys you're knitting? It's good to be lazy, I think that's when the real thinking happens.