Thursday, August 20, 2009


So, I'm back from upstate - again. Working like mad, no time off but it's all worth it. This week upstate we made this happen:

Photographer: Jimmy Fontaine
Stylist: Julie Williams
Hair: Tommy Lovell
Makeup: me

I am so in love with these shots, I have been melting over them ever since we got back. These are fresh off the camera but I will post more when I get them all laid out.

My friend Maia is doing a giveaway on her blog - you should go check it out here.

Today is the last day of work in a 9 day marathon. Tomorrow is going to be full of sweet, sweet relaxation, parks, bikes & knitting.

Happy thursday.


Anonymous said...

Those are some very lovely shots. Enjoy your day of knitting!

Team Knit ! said...

those are stunning pics! enjoy a bit of rest, it sounds like you've earned it!

- Julie

Maia said...

I'm loving those image as well!!
I want to marry his visual eye, and photo ability. Think you can marry just parts of people?

Thanks lady!

K Monster said...

I went to school with Jimmy Fontaine! He's a great guy!

shawna a. mazing said...

wow so beautiful!