Friday, April 3, 2009


I realize lately that my blog has been progresively becoming slightly less knitting related but, knitting related at the same time. So in leiu of keeping my blog along theme - I will post some knit pictures before I go onto what I originally thought of posting about. I finished clutch number 2 and I'm quite excited about this. I think i will make myself a little makeup bag or change purse. Sewing in the liner was much easier the second time around.

I am currently working on my first baby related item, a blanket for my really good friends upcoming baby boy. I kind of don't have any understanding of how small babies actually are so I'm just kind of knitting until I think it will efficiently cover said baby. Dear un-born Oliver - how many pounds will you weigh when you come out? Love, auntie Erin.

Onto other things: I am currently obsessed with Talking Heads:

I have become a subscriber to the Satoralist.

My best friend is beoming progressively more and more talented with her photographs.

I started a twitter
for the shop.

I purchased this adorable mirror from Loruh's vintage :

And that's all for today. Shooting a test tomorrow with a model from Muse, A music video in PA next weekend. Whee!!



craftivore said...

Cute clutches! Talking Heads are still great after all these years, aren't they? David Byrne is a effing genius. I like to listen to RadioDavidBryne on iTunes.

weaverknits said...

The mirror is just too sweet. The purse as well! Isn't the learning curve crazy for knitting and sewing stuff?

Rima said...

Your clutches are really turning out beautiful! Cute! And that mirror is just stunning.

Susan said...

The clutches came out really nice!

totallynudegirl said...

I remember this tour with Talking Heads. I used to work with them back in their CBGBs days. Good times!