Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, I got all 4 wisdom teeth out. FINALLY.

The past month has been full of working and house guests and around the end of the last house guest (miss maia) I got a nasty tooth infection. Not the first of its kind but hopefully the last. I've been putting off getting these things pulled out for years and I finally decided that I just needed to get it done. So now, I am a walking pill dispensory and in slight zombie form.

I've also been knitting for a wholesale order for this store which I am SUPER excited about!! So many cute things in this store, I'm excited my things are going to be among them!

Now, I must go back into my den of sleep until tomorrow where I will shoot at Milk & work at Mud!

Hoping for a speedy recovery so I can get back to normal and resume regular life (and hopefully be able to form full sentences again)!



Team Knit ! said...

ugh, I have to have my wisdom teeth out at the beginning of November- I'm not looking forward to it at all!! I hope you're not feeling too badly. Which store are you knitting for? the link didn't work for me.

- Julie

nina said...

wow. four teeth in one go. you are brave. my wisdom teeth were horrific (the bottom ones anyway, I have a small jaw). I had abscesses for months before my dentist said my teeth were "ready" to be removed, after attempting to remove one for forty minutes, he cracked my tooth & told me to go to ER as there was no way he could get it out. ER didn't think my case was urgent so they arranged the hospital removal six months later, in the meantime no other dentist would see me as I was mid-procedure. aw, it was the worst six months of my life.

Anonymous said...

ugh, getting wisdom teeth out is the worst! better to get it over with though. i just went to your etsy store and i LOVE your knit cowl scarves! ~joelle

craftivore said...

I've had two of my wisdom teeth out, probably should have had all four and gotten it over with. I've just knit the EDI cowl and it made me think of your cowls.