Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I have been absent for some days now.

I promise I'll be back soon.

Off to hevan for a few days.


Photog: Jeremy James
Styling: Michael Kozak
Hair & Makeup: moi.


andrea said...

Finger wavezzz

craftivore said...

Lovely, dramatic photo. The lazymeadow site took too long to load, have fun wherever you are.

andrea said...

I found the planets using the "pattern stamp tool" in Photoshop... I don't really know how to do much of anything so I just mess around. I found them under the "Special Effects Brushes" in my old-ass version of the program!

If you ever do find yourself down here, let me know! And if you want me to keep my eye out for something while thrifting, I can definitely do that too.