Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, I said I needed more makeup jobs and this morning I got what I wanted. It looks like I'll be working on a shoot for Rolling Stone on sunday with a couple of the guys from SNL. Should be pretty good.

I have much knitting things that I'm going to post. I am short on time so it's mostly going to be photos... First of all, I have never gotten a hand made knit thing as a present other than from my grandmother up until now! My roomates very good friend came to visit us a few months ago and we all talked and bonded about knitting and for christmas, he sent me up this beautiful mustard yellow scarf!!

Next up, I found something to use the rest of my yarn I had bought for my Lauren Jacket. A new bag!!

Something else you might notice about the needles I'm knitting with... Yes, I have the best boyfriend ever who got me harmony interchangeable needles from knitpicks!!

Question to those who have these needles (Kim) - Do you notice you have to keep screwing on the needle to the cable beacause it comes loose? How do I stop this from happening?

Last but not least, my lovely friend Chelsea came to visit me a couple days ago and her and Frank fell in love.



Team Knit ! said...

oooh, a job for Rolling Stone! Sounds very fun, and hopefully the work will keep rolling in (pun totally intended).

I hear you on how few handknits I have for myself from someone else- only one, too! And they are so precious, it makes me appreciate what it must feel like for others to receive them as well.

- Julie

yoel said...

That's so exciting to receive a handknit present! Love the lemon yellow color too.

Frankie is still too cute for words.

Lindsay said...

congrats on the knit picks options. i love mine! try using the key to tighten the cables on to the needles. it helps them from twisting off.

hope that helps : )

Anonymous said...

Definitely use the key to tighten your needles. I ignored it at first and had the same problem. Congrats on the Rolling Stone gig!