Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well, I got around to posting 3 new things up on my etsy store yesterday which is nice considering I was knitting for christmas and myself for the past few months. I'm excited to sell some things again. I finished the maroon cowl right before christmas and the other two were done over my past 2 days off. Today is the last of 3 days off... I am currently laying in bed watching the rain outside wishing it would stop for enough time for me to run to the deli down the street and grab some milk for my coffee. I have yet to make it because coffee just isn't coffee to me unless it has milk in it. Yet I am slowly getting more depressed about not having the coffee. Dilemas dilemas.

I am meant to go to a dinner party tonight that is pot luck style. I was thinking fried rice (its an asian theme) and Peach Pie? Does anyone like Peach Pie? Does anyone have a favorite recepie? Help a girl out with some dessert suggestions!

Frank got neutered yesterday. He hates me for it. When we got home he made sure to say hello to everyone in the house but me, he cuddled with all of my roomates and my boyfriend before I finally had to force him to hang out with me. He was sitting in the kitchen with his back turned to the couch and would just look over his shoulder like he was saying "you know I am really mad at you for this, I actually might hate you". I tried telling him things like "i'm sorry, I had to, you were going to pee on everything I own" I pleaded for forgivness until I finally got hard and said "I FEED YOU". It didn't work. Now, he's almost back to normal-ish. Still not really interested in a cuddle, off in the living room doing his own thing.

I threw out half my clothes the other day in some mild freak out I had about not having cleaned my room in weeks. I got rid of about 15 shirts, 4 dresses, a couple skirts and 8 pairs of shoes. I do these freak out things alot where i get rid of things but this was by far the biggest since I moved to new york, I got rid of things Ive had since I first moved to LA 5 years ago. It felt kind of good but now my closet is looking slightly empty and I am in no place for shopping.

My makeup jobs lately have been so few and far between, its killing my pocketbook and my motivation/inspiration. I need to book something soon...

I went back to yoga yesterday for the first time in about 4/5 months. My body isn't what it was, I am not quite as bendy as I once was... Hopefully I can get back there though, one of my new years resolutions was to force myself to go at least once a week. I also plan on quitting smoking - after my birthday but before June. I know that may seem ridiculous but, I am just trying to be realistic with myself.

One more thing, I got this reaaaaaally beautiful cashmere lionsbrand yarn from my boyfriend for christmas, I want to knit myself a nice cable or lace beret... Do you have a favorite pattern?? I just cant figure it out. The yarn is white. Opinoins?



yarnovermovement said...

peachpie seems like crazy ass work, but sounds tasty!
if you want one of my beret patterns lemme know!

Rima said...

I love peach pie. I have no recipe, but a friend of mine makes one with a whole wheat crust and just peach. No added sugar. I love it.

Love knits. I really like the red cowl.

yoel said...

This is probably too late...but you can make a peach tart: back crust, put in cream or lemon curd or similar, top with fruit. Easy-peasy!

yarnovermovement said...

check yer etsy mailbox girl!