Monday, June 16, 2008

14. - FO

well well,

that caplet sure was a quick knit!!

Anthropologie Inspired Caplet :

yarn : brown sheep cotton fleece / color : CW 740
needles : US 10 - 16" circular bamboo needles

mods : added 4 sts to add an extra inch (after gauge) - added 1" to the neckline & knit 3 rows before casting off sleves instead of 5.
notes : i love the yarn, its the same yarn i used to knit the slouch hat. i am blocking as we speak.

after finishing this, i immediately went on ebay and bought 4 adorable sweater clips that i am now waiting for in the mail. i am thinking of messing with the pattern a bit and knitting a few more, possibly seeing if i can get them in this cute vintage consignment shop right around the corner from my work.

something else i'm rather excited about... yellow belt up there in the caplet photos? - why yes that cost me $2.00. good thrifting in new york city is a little difficult. i'm debating a driving trip out to new jersey to thrift it up because there are slim pickings in new york for good steals. i'm rather excited i made it out of my local junk shop with 3 good finds. if anyone in nyc knows of A grade thrifting - please tell me your secrets.

i got hired for a huge job that i'll be doing out in LA for a few days in July. makeup and casting! big news, but... if conflicts with 2 friends visiting me from toronto/california. i'll have to sort this problem out.

i hate working in the evenings... i still get up early but i spend the entire first half of my day, waiting to go to work.

i suppose i'll have a shower and start another caplet that i can knit on the train.

before i go, my lauren update:

yes, i was on my phone in that photo. wheelin' & dealin'. booked another makeup job on wed. yessss...



Rima said...

As I said on Ravelry, this looks so great. Nice color. I am currently in a purple rut...

weaverknits said...

Your Lauren looks great! You have a fantastic sense of style (I've been watching your blog for a while), and it's really an honor that you chose to make one of my designs!

granny said...

aww, thank you! i'm glad i found it!! it's going to be an asset to my winter wardrobe!