Wednesday, June 11, 2008



its been entirely too hot to knit here lately so i've been slacking on my lauren but, i'm about 3" into the body now. i can't help but keep trying it on and being very excited about wearing it next winter.

i've also started another slouch hat. i think i'll try and make a pretty lace pattern in this one using this website as a reference.

i've been searching through patterns on ravelry looking for new fun things i want to make to hold me over while the slow process of knitting a sweater continues but, i've hit a slight wall. do i make another tote? more mitts? i had a brief moment where i thought i'd make some socks but, i'm not sure i'm ready for that world yet. so this brings me to my question - what are your favorite 'quick knit' patterns?

here are a few i've book marked :

my so called scarf
maine morning mitts
trinity stitch hat
simple cute socks
pablo deep socks

i need a couple of options for central park this saturday (WWKIP day).


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