Thursday, June 12, 2008


this is my 13th blog post, tomorrow is friday the 13th, today was a day from hell.

let me just start this with a small rant. i work in the service industry, yes... along with a makeup artist, knitter, i am a waitress. i work at a cute coffee shop in the east village. i like the people i work with, the place has a good vibe over all but there are the occasional shitty bastards that stumble in much like what happened today. NO ONE (and i capitalize that for importance) should ever have to take an order from someone who thinks its okay to order from the waitresses boobs. today, at 11am, i, or excuse me... my boobs took an order from a man in a pink polo shirt 1 or 2 sizes too small for him for french toast. thanks jerk. they get through the meal and come to the register to pay me. leave a mediocre tip (which is another thing i don't think i'll go into right now). my vibe at this point is not yet completely ruined so, i return to the table to bus it and voila! a MOUND of pennies. i don't know what compelled this guy to leave his piggy bank on my table but it was SO insulting. if you really need the money that bad bro, keep it. bad tippers and people who are rude to their waitresses make me INSANE. ugh.

aside from that, i had a makeup job today (TFP which means, no pay). the model was adorable, i knew the photographer from LA but where is the location? at the house of a guy who i'm 90% sure hates me for my flakiness. i don't want to get into it but in the end, i ran away. makeup suitcase, eyeshadow bag and messenger bag in tow.

i hope tomorrow is better.

let's start with things that are going to make it better... idea's on what to knit (i've hit a slight wall) :

i found this on ravelry, after faling in love i realized many people have knit this precious gem. one that i'm partial to
super classy and ladylike. i would love to add it to my closet.

another ravelry find by iKnit2Much. the color and style of this caplet is absolutely amazing. i wish i could pull off wearing classic vintage clothing like this but i always feel silly being out of my 'uniform'. well, maybe this is a good idea as a starter. the pattern is free and it looks pretty quick. maybe this will be my WWKIP knit choice.

almost everything i've seen come from another shop girl is something i would absolutely love to knit. i am all for pockets on everything! skirts, dresses, shirts... you name it, i think it should have pockets.

this is just beautiful.
where do i find you in english?? i want you. i love you.

oh, yes, hello there adorable bag... team knit... ace choice.

a frogging horror story? sure, why not...

i started a hat yesterday with my berocco softwist yarn i've had stored away, very excited i started the slouch hat i've already made and thought to myself... why not try something crazy here. why not try to use a piece of another pattern and make this hat a little more interesting. so i go through my saved patterns on my computer and come across the dizzy. give it a shot, why not... all is going well for about 2" post ribbing when i realize... i've messed up. i don't know what to do, do i keep going because its lace and it works anyway? do i rip it apart with all those yo's and confuse the hell out of myself trying to figure out how to put them back on the needle?

i ripped it. its a mess.

and now, i put my tail between my legs and let it sit for a while. i'll work on my lauren tonight before bed.




shopgirl said...

I had a customer flat out proposition me for sex when I was a waitress in a diner. Awesomely shitty. Don't let it get you down;)

I'm flattered to be included in your post and I love the other patterns, especially that lacy turtleneck.

Hope your weekend shapes up to be better.

granny said...

ugh. some people. dont understand working service jobs and it makes me insane.