Thursday, June 5, 2008

11. -FO

So, I've finally finished The Yarn Tote that I found on Ravelry.

size : 11 1/2' in height, 9" in width, 9" straps
yarn :
Frog Tree Pima Cotton in #652
mods : the pattern said to knit until 24" or until desired length. I knit to 23" because I was impatient and now wish I had gone till 30"
needles :
US 8 "way too long because they hit people on the train beside me", US 8 DPNS for icord.

I love it, think its adorable. Wish I had made it bigger, there's always next time. I'll put it to good use today while I trek to the upper east side to check on the best friend. The Lauren is coming along, I'm working on the body now.

Back to work tomorrow!


Team Knit ! said...

Ooh, that's awesome! So you think it should have been bigger? I agree you can always make a few in different sizes. Great job.

- Julie

granny said...

yea, but now that i've used it for a few days with my sweater being carried around in it, i'm kind of alright wiht it. if it were any bigger i wouldn't be able to put it in my purse. i don't know, i think i just need 2. haha

Rima said...

I remember this! Super cute. Great to find your blog. Now we can keep in touch via blogland. I am at