Monday, April 21, 2008



after becoming totally disheartedned by the last experience i had with knitting pattern's, someone lovely pointed me in the direction of the most simple pattern of almost all time and now, i've had my confidence restored. a pictorial adventure of my mishaps...

this is supposed to have a thumb hole :

post giving up, i was sent this pattern which made my life a whole hell of a lot easier :

so, i've decided to not give up on the first hand warmers i was trying to make... what i'm going to do is sign up for a 4 week "choose your own pattern" course at downtown yarns on ave A. they're all pretty nice in there and i can bring in different patterns for each week if i feel confident with one. it will give me a chance to get someone to show me all the things i don't understand so i'm pretty amped.

something random that just popped into my head, my best friend doesn't even have a drivers lisence yet, she bought a car. her name is super dog (the car).

love, granny.

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