Wednesday, April 16, 2008


so, i have a whole slew of new things to post up. i'm between jobs at the moment so i esentially have nothing to do all day until i train for 3 hours at my new job. this leaves me to sit on my couch and knit for 6 hours (like i did yesterday). i have been working on these neck/warming/collar/hood-ish things for a while, i was making huge rectangles at one point and sewing them together but now that i've discovered these crazy things called circular needles i'm saving yarn (which is awesome cause the alpaca is expensive) and it seems to go by a whole hell of a lot quicker. the grey is 70 sts across down to 55 in the middle then back out to 70 :

my grandmothers birthday is coming up this month and i figured she might be pretty happy if i made something for her considering she is the one who taught me how to knit. im sure 70 year old ladies who live in retirement communities in northern ontario aren't looking for stylish or cute so i made her one thats a little more practical and would be better used for actually keeping warm. the yarn i found in a junk store near my house in brooklyn, its not too bad for being .50 a skein. i started 60 sts across, went down to 45 and back out to 70 sts. purl, knit :

finally, yesterday in my knitting marathon, i thought i might try to make something that requires me using a pattern but, in efforts to not leave my house and only having left over yarn from other things and one skein wonders... i decided that i'd try to make little kerchiffs. i was successful in making one after i butchered my first attempt. i got a bit impatient and started decreasing 4 sts per row after decreasing only 2 sts per row for the first 10 rows. so, i of course found a cute button for it and gave it to my roomate who can seem to make anything look good :

and finally, last but not least... this is the second kerchiff i made after basically brutalizing the other one. i was going to use green for the tip but the blue and white looked so good together, i didn't want to mess it up. i was more patient with this one and decreased only 2 sts per row. i started with 90 sts which from my measuring would of been 27' long. its all knit because i was too afraid to mess it up after working on it for so many hours and i used some help from Judy and came out with this :

one of my favorite things about these kerchiffs are the buttons. i was trying to figure out how to use the button in different places on the kerchiff so i had the option of moving them around so, what i did was sew 2 buttons together! pretty excited about that one. movable buttons!

in my long day of knitting yesterday i also went on the hunt for some knitting blogs that i could maybe learn from and i came across this one. this girl is adorable and she made me realize i have so much more to learn with the knitting.

love, granny.

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