Thursday, April 10, 2008


the latest creation... a 'scood'. i'm not entierly sure i like the name 'scood' but, i have yet to come up with something better for these things i've been making.

i was once browsing through urban outfitters this past winter when i came across these collar/scarf/hood things that were priced at 64.99$. i figured, i could most likely make one of these for half the price and so i tried. i started my first one using baby alpaca wool from the yarn store on Ave A with 13' needles (instead of 10' which was the suggested for that wool). i'd knit 30-45 sts across and just knit a huge rectangle then sew it together. silly me to not think of circular needles...

so, this is the first 'scood' (i really have to change the name of it, if someone has a better one please let me know) that i knit on 13' circular needles 24" long with malabrigo chunky merino wool :

love, granny.

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