Wednesday, April 2, 2008


this is the beggining... a display of item's i'm selling, giving away or just think are kind of cool and want someone to agree with me.

i'm making this blog in hopes of getting feedback on item's i've made or want to make, find some people who can leave handy little tips and/or give knowledge to people who need a clear explanation of how things are done (and of course to whore my stuff out in hopes of selling some of it).

i'll be doing construction over the next couple of weeks, making this little blog a little more esthetically pleasing, recruiting knitters to come by, post, read, etc... but, for now, i will leave you with a picture of yours truely wearing what i do with the ends of my yarn.

the i-cords :


love, granny. p.s - i work at the bar mentioned in this article and i buy yarn from the store in the photos.

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