Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So it seems all the cool kids have caught on to the hipness of cowls. My man friend works on photoshoots for pretty big clients and he told me a few months ago, I better get knitting because the cowls are all the rage this winter. Now more and more I am seeing them around, window displays at Ann Taylor, Kenneth Cole makes a pretty good looking cowl, along with various other places like H&M and TopShop.

American apparels
"circle scarf" (a.k.a cowl):

One of my favorite stores I noticed was also carrying massively oversized cowls:

Along with a few other places.

At one point, I thought of it as competition - these bastards are taking something hand made and wonderful and mass producing and selling at a cheaper cost than us etsy sellers but you know what?

Fuck it. Mass production has nothing on hand made.

We win.

Off to Baltimore for a few days, maybe I'll knit some more cowls on the way there.

In the mean time, here are a few of my favoite etsy places to get some killer hand mades:

Mi Scusi
Yarn Over Movement
Soft Spoken
Lulu and Loie



yoel said...

Handmade is so much better. I'd better get knitting on one of these trendy cowls then!

andrea said...

Yessss! I felt the same way you did at first...I still kinda do when I see people supporting UO and other awful places that STEAL outright from tiiiiiny designers like us, but you're right, there are billions of people in the world and people are still supporting us on etsy! Thanks for mentioning me, homegirl!

acommonthread said...

hey! i just included one of your hip cowls in a treasury:

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