Thursday, March 26, 2009


So yesterday was my 2nd of 2 days off in a row which is unusual for me so I took ful advantage of the 50 degree weather and got on my bike. I put Frank in a bag and we rode over to williamsburg to visit friends and go to the park. I was a bit worried about Frank as he hasn't been acting himself. Sleeping all the time, no energy - I fed him some sugar water in hopes of it perking him up a little but he is still sleeping. My true test was to bring him to the dog park to see if he got excited and he did so, I figure it can't be anything too bad. I'm going to switch his food - this natural, organic stuff is making him weird.

Another one of our missions yesterday was to drop this off with Ly :

She is one of the only people I know that actually uses little cases for her iPhone and she had asked me for one of these in the past so I whipped her one up. I used the koigu yarn I used for my little ballerina feet slippers. Turned out quite nicely with the little draw string!

Something else that has been consuming my days off is redecorating my apartment. It all started with my bathroom. I don't have a before picture but at one point there were 4 mirrors running all down one wall beside the toilet. One by one the mirrors started falling off (or being ripped off by someone who may or may not have been a little drunk and/or cleaning) so, we (the roomate and I) decided to start planing a newer prettier wall. On wed, I got a hair up my ass to get it done so I went out and got :

1 peice of cardboard
1 exacto knife
1 can of white spray paint
1 gallon of grey paint

and voila! :
The finished product that is now our bathroom! I had my man friend draw the tree's & branches and I cut them out, painted the half wall grey (the wall on the left had already been done) and spray painted the hell out of the bathroom! I'm so happy with the way it turned out. We've been needing something more in our bathroom and now we have it! I could do with a couple more mirrors but, I'm not sure how our guy roomate will feel about mirrors being EVERYWHERE.

My other project of this "weekend" was to repaint this kickass table I bought off the back of a truck for 5$ See before :

I sanded the hell out of it, probably more than I needed to but - whatever. Then I painted it Foot Hill by Benjamin Moore. The color of it online does it no justice. I like to think of it as baby vomit green :

Anyway, I am all photo-ed up : I have more pictures of all of these things on my flickr and I have to try to somehow make my back stop hurting before I work tonight.

ok, one more photo... tomorrow we will celebrate miss Vanessa Bley's birthday - I'm sure it will amount to more photos. I am excited.



andrea said...

I had tables just like that before I moved! I think they came from the side of the road somewhere; they made it to 5 houses with me before I gave away all my earthly possessions D;

Grace said...

Awesome bathroom reno!
I have always been too lazy to "design" an ipod cozy, despite the requests I have gotten for them. Details please?

yoel said...

Love the branches pattern! I have tables like that and now I'm thinking I should paint them...

Team Knit ! said...

love that little ipod cozy!! And your apartment DIY is awesome!!

- Julie

Reckless Glue said...

Martha Stewart eat your heart out!