Saturday, March 7, 2009


I should be doing laundry right now but, I got caught up in editing old phtoos that I've uploaded and not touched in 2 months. I'm a little behind on the times. I worked at my old bar last night and it reminded me why I'm not a bartender anymore. Last call being at 4am is really mean to bartenders in New York on friday and saturday nights. Its totally inevitable that you won't be able to get out of the bar until at leaaaast 5am because how the hell does one girl get 25 drunk people out of a bar when they still have full drinks (because of course I serve right up till 4am - gotta make that money)? I ended up sitting at the end of the bar at 445am last night pouting at my barback hoping he will just kick them all out for me. Needless to say, it worked. I woke up at 1pm today - record time for me as of late considering I've been waking up at 8am everyday.

I have knit 2 things (and I'm on my 3rd) since I finished my cardigan which reminds me that I haven't updated in a while. I have no good reason for not updating but, you know. It happens. Heres a few photos of my FO's :

meret beret (ravelry)
yarn: Lion Brand LB Collection 100% Cashmere
needles : size US 7 16" circulars
size : LG with 1 extra repeat
notes : I should have done one more pattern repeat but, I was scared already that I wasn't going to have enough yarn to finish the hat because the pattern called for 200 something yds. I ended up with a bunch of extra yarn (but of course, not enough to knit something else of decent size) and my had is a TAD smaller than I'd like it to be. Before blocking I was terrified that I hated it. I put it on my head and the shrunken little thing just looked like a weirdly shaped beanie so, I did the dinner plate trick and drenched that bastard hat! Now - Its pretty :)

Frank's end of winter sweater - improvised pattern.
yarn : something half acrylic from italy that my roomate bought me for my birthday
needles : US 8's DPNs
notes : I could have made this a little bit bigger but I was scared he was going to get pee all over it so I decided to stop a little short on the underbelly. I also decreased a few stitches too many around the sides so when he runs around in the sweater it kind of ends up looking a little bit like a cape. But, he seems to like it - I like it so we're all happy.

I should be doing laundry right now but, its one of my most hated chores (notice how I keep mentioning the laundry - that's me telling myself to get off my lazy ass). I would rather clean 10 toilets than do laundry. I almost feel the same way about the dishes but, I think I'd rather do the dishes than do laundry. I have no idea why laundry plagues me so much but - I hate it, and I think hate is a strong word.

On tuesday, my co-worker and I decided that we were going to dress up for work for our own entertainment reasons. This proved to be quite successful and entertained the customers at the same time! I'm not sure about a few of them - I think they thought I actually liked to wear red lip liner with light pink lipstick and cut off shorts in the middle of winter. Viva white trash tuesday!

Okay, I guess I'll go do laundry.


p.s - I added a few buttons to my scarfy - cardi and it's so damn sexy. I will have to post some pictures of me wearing it out in the world.
p.s.s - I go to LA in 5 days!
p.s.s.s - This is my inspiration for what I'm currently knitting (stollen from restless grace's blog)


Grace said...

Great hat.... I might have to make that one of these days.

I just loooooooove that missoni dress. I gotta find that stitch pattern. I'm not convinced it isn't crochet though.

Maggie May said...

I am relearning how to knit. My grandma taught me when I was little and I have forgotten the simple art, but I can't wait to be able to make something simple for my daughter Lola!

andrea said...

Are you knitting the scarf? The dress???? Ahhhh!

totallynudegirl said...

Love that beret! I used to have a marled green one just like it. I think you may have knitted the beret I bought at Shecky’s last year – which unfortunately was so nice that someone stole it from my room when I was at yoga sleepaway camp this winter. I need another! Do you sell your work somewhere in NYC?