Monday, March 16, 2009


So, I have yet to upload my real camera's pictures. Not that I've taken a million of them anyway but - I have a few gem's. So for now I will post camera phone and photobooth pictures until I get that done. Meet my friend Mel. I love her very very much and I am sad that we don't get to see eachother more often. I'm soon going to start a petition to get her to come visit me in New York. She hasn't been since I've lived there and I think thats a bit ridiculous. She does the make-up like me and is classified as one of my "besties".

Moving on, I've become an aunt. This is Zues the baby italian greyhound. He is currently sitting in my lap curled up like a little leggy i'mhyperallthetimebutirhgtnowi'mgoingtobeadorable puppy face. I want to bring him home to be Frank's brother but, I don't think my best friend would like that very much. He is the cute, I am in like. He is 4 months old and like's to pee under the kitchen table which get's him in trouble so I hope he learns very soon that, that is not a good idea. (Please excuse the "I just woke up" face)

I am excited to go home for sure. This trip has established for me that I love New York SO much. It's way more my speed. Driving everywhere, having so much free time - not really my thing anymore. I have changed since I've moved to New York for what I think is the MUCH better. Different life phases I suppose.

I got a little bit of knitting done yesterday, I think I'll be finished my arm warmers by the time I get back to new york. I have 5.5 hours on a plane to get it all done tomorrow.

I almost bought a taxidermied chipmunk yesterday but, due to the economy - the price has gone way up from what I remember so I didn't buy it. I did buy some byson teeth though which I plan to make earrings with when I get home and put up in my shop!

Well, I'm off to spend my last day in the sun.
Good morning :)

Hope the day is wonderful for everyone.


Julie said...

and you should talk puppy knitter

weaverknits said...

You know the economy is tanking when it affects the price of taxidermied chipmunks... looking forward to more of your photos when you return!