Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I did it, I made my first adult designer million dollar clothing purchase. Of course, I documented such experience considering I am quite proud of myself. I think I may have a christmas dress for Minnesota! Its so lovely :

My roomate works at a store at Spring & Greenwich called Aloha Rag and yesterday they started a 40% off everything (except gold) sale. My roomate had a suggestion for me already as soon as I walked through the door and it was this dress.

I'm incredibly in love with it.

Knit news :

"woo"-man socks 60% finished
(working foot on 2nd sock)

scarfy cardy 50% finished
(2 more inches of body, add sleeves & scarf)

I don't want to work today.

p-s : (the mirror in the first picture is one of my favorite things in my room. it was a design by my best friends cousin, he used some sort of chemical to burn that image into the glass. its so beautiful.)


andrea said...

Fancy dress!!! It looks sick with your tights!

craftivore said...

Great great dress, nice color and good lines that you will wear for a long time. Worth the investment. Love photo #1.