Wednesday, November 5, 2008

38. the first day of a new america.

So here is the canadian girl being incredibly happy and releived about what is about to happen to america. I don't think anything drastic is going to happen in the next 4 years but at least its a start, at least this is a beggining of something that desperately needed to happen and thank fucking god it is this man who is going to start the ball rolling.

So much of america is so naive to how their government really effects the rest of the world, how america is tried in to so many other countries on so many other levels. Somewhere near 10 people in ONE department of my moms work IN canada lost their jobs because the US executives of the company decided they needed to cut costs... i'm sure its happened with other north american companies as well... it is so important (especially to north america) that the US gets back on its feet and that it has someone with their head on their shoulders with the best intentions set forward leading it back to a state of normalacy (as we know it). Anyway, the change is going to happen, I am SO glad everyone figured it out. I wasn't sure I was ready to move back to canada ;)

In tribute of this historic day/year/election - i photographed 3 new balls of yarn in patriotic form :

top: the softest of handspun, undied, merino from chile (to make other appearances in this blog post)
bottom left: rudy (the sequel - still to be knit) blue sky alpacas, dyed cotton 100% organically grown
bottom right : flossy (the seuqel - still to be knit) blue sky alpacas, dyed cotton 100% organically grown

I am quite excited about the merino yarn, it feels so soft and squishy and lovely I want to rub it all over my face. It will be face rub-able after I knit my neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew....................





I haven't knit anything for myself in what feels like months... I did the Orangina but, I don't ever wear it (christmas present?) so it doesn't really feel like mine. I've been wanting to make myself a very simple stockinette stitch cardigan that hugs my waist, goes past my butt and doesn't need to close in a soft lady like color so what better to do it in than an off-white. I bought this yarn at Downtown Yarns on Ave A with intentions of making myself a cape but, I figured I don't want to wear a coat over a cape and this yarn isn't thick enough to knit in the same gauge of the pattern I have so sweater it is. I am not knitting from a pattern so I hope it works out - I had to start it over twice and rip back once so far. I'm knitting on US 8's and its about 5.5 sts to 1 inch. I started with 80 sts and ribbed for an inch and a half then devided like this :

k8, PM, k14, PM, k36, PM, k14, PM, k8

I figure thats about 6 inches across the back, 2.5 inches over the shoulders and i'm increasing by kfb on both sides of every marker so, 8 increases every other row. If anyone knows that its not going to work, speak now or forever hold your peace. i was thinking about doing 5 decreases on both inner seams (when I get there) and 5 increases to hopefully get the hourglass type shape. Might only do 4 because I don't want it to be too tight.

End on something kind of funny? Sure.

So, I had a makeup job yesterday for Hashett (the french publishing company) to do makeup on a couple of their head editors for some interviews and whatnot. The job was at noon and so waking up at 730am I had some time to kill. I took my time checking my morning internets and drinking my 3 coffees. Finally I realize I have to kick it into high speed because I've diddled around too long. I am running around, clothes, makeup, hair. At about 10:45 I walk to my desk with my camera cable in hand to replace in the shelf where it lives and promptly go into my roomates bedroom to show him some halloween pictures I had posted up on my flickr. For some reason my brain seems to think its okay to tell me I can do both of these things at the same time - I go full force into multitasking and whack my face off his door frame. Yes, I walked into a door.

Good thing I had enough makeup on to cover it at the job yesterday but here's where its at today

At least its only a tiny cut and not a huge black eye like I was expecting. Should be gone in a couple of days but it hurts to sleep on my left side. I am, have been and always will be the clumsiest woman alive. Thanks for that mom.


p.s - in her defense, she isn't really that clumsy. its just me - i just have to blame someone.

p.s.s - i started a photoblog with my best friend and i posted my first post


Nettie said...

We're glad you're staying in America!

If things had gone differently, we may have hitched a ride with you to Canada :D

Anonymous said...

Ouch! At least you dont have an awful black eye.
Can't wait to watch your cardigan progress- it sounds like it will be the perfect cardigan.

andrea said...

Dang, I can tell that merino is so-o-o-o-o soft. I can't wait to see your progress on that! I think your math should be alright for the marker placement.

About hitting your head: I (drunkenly) fell the other weekend and found a bump on my head the next morning; my entire forehead was noticeably blueish for a week!

Rima said...

Yeah! It is a brand new start :) I am terribly happy!

And you walked into a door! Hope you are ok. I walked into a mesh divider in my in-laws house the other day, and the divider came down! And I was ok... go figure.