Wednesday, November 12, 2008


You'd think with a handy little card that gets me 40% off at the M.A.C cosmetics store, I'd be able to find someone to come makeup shopping with me? Alas, no luck. Maybe thats because a lot of my friends have day jobs? I'm not sure. I suppose I'll just have to go by my lonesome.

So yesterday was Franks last set of puppy shots and his rabies vaccination, he now is the proud owner of a huge red tag that is almost bigger than his head that says he is rabies free. I am pretty proud of him for making it through all those needles. Poor little guy, getting stabbed once a month with multiple needles. I am not looking forward to the day he gets his _____ chopped :/ - I'm probably going to spoil him rotten for a week.

Its gotten cold here... I could complain but, I suppose it is November. I wont.

Some music that's been getting me really excited lately, a visit from Roy Ayres - Everybody loves the sunshine... Why did I ever loose that song? Why did I neglect it for so long? God damn is it ever good. Another is this young sweedish girl, Lykke Li. She is a cute. Very much a cute.

Knitting? I have finally overcome my inability to knit more than one thing at a time so I am currently working on 2 things! My "woo-man" socks that I am so desperately wanting to finish so I can put them on my feet (42 degrees is cold) :

Preparing to knit on the subway, as I do. Often. And annoy people I'm sure.

Progress is being made on my scarfy cardy :

Have I mentioned yet that I plan on attaching a scarf to it?? I posted a picture of a big squishy cardigan on here a month or so ago with a huge fluffy scarf attached around the collar. I am going to go for it but, should le scarf be a wide rib or should I maybe throw a cable in there somewhere? I'm not sure I need to do the cable, its a pretty simple sweater all around... Suggestions?

My throat has been swollen the past couple of days. Not so much fun, especially while working but what better for a swollen throat then a few beers with some friends ? (Bad idea : Good photo fun.)

And finally, I'm going to end on some more pictures. A discovery around the corner from my apartment building. A "Glorious" discovery.



Annie Mess said...

my favorite cure for a soar throat:
-tom's natural mouth wash "cinnamint" flavor, gargle in the back of the throat, it will numb the shit out of your throat and make your breath smell nice.
-taking echinacia and goalden seal caps 3 times a day.
the echinacia keeps your immune system up and the golden seal keeps bacteria or strep throat from attaching to your throat.
ive knocked out most sickness in about 2-3 days with that method.
good luck girl!
love annie
ps. i LOVE that cardigan. i still want to buy that one cardigan with the buttons that are on the side, but maybe with out all the crazy designs.

andrea said...

I would totally go to the MAC store with you!! I suck at makeup and my bag is pretty sad. Any suggestions for a nice orange-y lipgloss?

I think for the scarf part of that cardigan, something to contrast the stockinette would be cool...seed stitch or a wide rib, maybe.

What is that Glory Knit place? A new knitting store??

Anonymous said...

40% off at MAC? I do need some more of my favorite eyeshadow....
Your sweater/cardigan is coming along so fast! I really need to get going with my knitting

ohChloe said...

you suck. I would go with you.